Amps for Martin Logan SL3

I'm looking to upgrade to a higher end used SS amp. My choices are Conrad Johnson MF2500, BAT VK200, Innersound electrostatic amp. Any of you SL3 owners own or compare these amps? I'm looking for a warm and non fatigueing sound with dynamics and great bass to make my SL3's wake up and come to life. I originally wanted to upgrade the preamp as well but $$$ is limited right now. My spending limit is $2K and my preamp is an Audio Research LS3. I appreciate the suggestions fellas.
The Innersound will more tham wake them up - so will the Electrocompaniet 120.
Not sure about the BAT or the CJ but if your budget is only $2000.00 you are not going to make it with the ESL amp by Innersound as it retails for $3000.00. Its ashame because this has got to be one of the best bargains in high end audio, far exceeding the performance of many amps costing way more money. I just changed over to the Innersound myself for my ML reQuest, and have to say that this amp is substantially better than my previous amp. I will not tell you its the best amp on the planet since their are just to many entries to make that comparison, but this is one very special amp for your type of speaker. Very smooth, dynamic, and with unbelievable bass.

Hope this helps
I use a Meridian 557 200 watt into 8 ohms 350 into 4 ohms. SS power amp. This amp has been overlooked by the press and the quality follows their famous 508.24 CD Player. Very warm and non-fatiguing.In fact I use Meridian throughout my whole system.The 557 retails for $2700 but I have seen them as low as $1200 used. They do not show up on the used market often. Steve
I'm quite happy driving my SL3s with a McCormack DNA 1/B which I picked up used for well under $2K. Investigate the used market for some really good buys.
Hi! You might want to try a Sunfire amp since the design works well with electrostats, has plenty of juice and runs cool. These can be picked up on the used market pretty cheap. I am using the Sunfire with SL3s in my HT setup, but mine was upgraded with Cardas binding posts and Kimber wiring by the dealer when I originally purchased it. The Signature model provides even more power and has been favorably reviewed by TAS, but will cost you more.

Good luck! R
I used to have a pair of Martin Logan SL3s and Aerius speakers. I ran a Linn 5105 amp that did a real nice of pushing them effortlessly. I also used a Krell KAV 500 amp that didn't do well for some reason. At that time I was using a Jeff Rowland Consonance pre. I don't have the Logans, Krell or the Linn. I am using an Aragon 4004MKII, and if I would have had that at the time that I had the Logans, I believe that I would have been in audio heaven! The output on the Aragon in tremendous!!! Current, current, and more current! The soundstages in phenominal, detail, imaging, in unbelievable bass. I have switched to an Audio Research LS15 that I paid $600 for in the pawn shop. The two seem to be a good marriage. Just recently I purchased some Oval Nines and that put the fininshing touch on my system. I only wish the Logans could have enjoyed the Aragon and Audio Research.
I have the same setup as you, SL-3/Audio Research LS3 (non-balanced) & running a Classe CA200. try this amp before you buy, they can be had for less than 2K used and are a great value. havn't heard your other choices.
I have tried the Krell-100 KST for the SL3's. It sounded too bright and still lacking power inspite of the 200 watts feeding the speakers.

I am in the process of buying a McCormack DNA-2 deluxe which should have 600W @4 ohms--more thanwhat I need but enough reserve. I will let you know.

I will use the Krell Kst for mono operation for the cinema center channel which should provide a good enough 300W @ 6 ohms.

I have a pair of SL3 as front, a pair of Aerius i as rears and the Theater as center in my hometheater. All of them are runned by a Krell KAV1500 that gives me 600 watts per channel in 4 ohms and sound incredible, with a lot of detail, bass and control.
Before that I used a Aragon 8008X5 with 400 watts per channel and also did a very good. A little bit warmer sound than the Krell.
I think any of the ones mentioned by the rest of the people here are very good with the exception of the Sunfire. I will not go that way. I auditioned a pair of ReQuest with a Sunfire amp and they sounded harsh, really terrible. Then the amp was changed to a CJ 2500 and what a difference! That's when I got sold into Martin Logan speakers.
If you want a warm sound in my opinion you would not fail going with Classe or Conrad Johnson.
I know you are all talking SS amps here, but what about tubes. I have run ML SL3's, Aeons, and Prodigy's with Classe' and Aragon amps..... they sound really good. I also use ARC VT100 and VT200 and these amps in my opinion sound far superior to the SS amps.