Amps for Bi-amping Maggies

I have been contemplating bi-amping my Maggies forever and I think I'm about to pull the trigger. So here are the known factors:

Speakers - Magnepan 3.6R/Mye stands and ZuAudio Libec Cables

Crossover - Marchand XM44 (much research done)

Amp Low - Cary Audio CAD 500 MB

now my quesetion is on the amps for the high end, I have listened to many, but not with my system actually

(2)McIntosh MC275's in mono

Rogue Zeus

VTL ST 150

Rogue 150's

I really love the VTL sound, but are any of these enough juice for the top/mid on the Maggies? I assume they are, I love the idea of the tube sound on top.

Any one have some experience with these?


I wonder if up grading to 20.1s instead of adding a tube top end to smooth out the mid range would be better. I am now trying to decide between the 3.6r and the 20.1s. I have not heard the 20.1. Nobody in Austin has them.
We live fairly close, we should get together so time.I live east of Austin in Elgin. If you are up this way let me know. I will give you a listen of what ever I am fiddling with.
I am so surprised no one is biting on this, I am about to start the biamp process with my 3.6 Magnepans, and I plan on using many amplifiers to see which is best... and use the best ones to get the job done... Searching for that sound!

I have an active Electrovoice EX-23 crossover (70$ junker) that I may check the specs on, and see if it mates well with the Magnepans, or I will possibly throw that one on the 'bay and check out the Audio Research one, or perhaps a Bryston. Magnepans have specific crossover needs, as detailed in the owners manual... Make sure what you have, and how you set it, corresponds with the manual!

Amps I have include DIY Icepower 1000w monos, a Van Alstine Fet Valve 500hc, and a NAD 208thx which is really good in the bass department. I am currently looking for some large vtl monos, like MB 450's or 750's...
Macdadtexas - You won't need much more than 100 watts per channel on the tweete/mids.

Theduker - that old EV XO not only won't sound all that good, the slope settings are not flexible enough for the high pass filter. You need 6db slope capability. The Bryston will work; not sure about ARC. Also check out Marchand and the First Watt B-4. Of course you could also go digital.
Actually marchand makes a DIY crossover module that's 40$ each, you need 4 of them, since you have 2 different slopes, a case, and a power supply...

(I realized that electrovoice crossover was a junker, and never tried to use it.)