Amps and the ESL 57

Is there an amp that can "truly" drive the ESL's with it's large impedance shifts without distoring? How can the ESL be one of the "best" speakers of all time, or is it, with such low sensitivity and unstable impedance?


I have ESLs and have 6 different amps that all drive them easily. Heathkit UA-1&2s, Bedini 25/25,Scott 222B, Stromberg-Carlson EL 84 amp. Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 70 is a great SS amp that also handles them easily.
I currently use VTL Tiny Triodes (original version)to drive my ESL 57's with excellent results.
Audio Research ST70 C3.
Hvowell, for your answer, see

The ESL57 is a Power Paradigm technology, so look for amps with higher output impedances to drive it.