i need some help with a pair of paoli amps

Hi all I just got a pair of Paoli 60 m mono blocks. And they were killed by ups driver tubes and power tubes broke. Transformorers bent chasie bent I really need a manaul I need to know what the driver tubes are and what the bias setting. Be they had 6550 in them they also have bias pots for each power tube any info would be greatly appreciated. Please send emails to alexthegreatm62@hotmail.com my # is 318 734 8659 thanks David
I think you need more than a manual and bias settings. Good luck, and I hope that UPS comes through for you.
It should go without saying that you need to open a case with UPS even if they weren't insured. I am not a lawyer and can't be certain but I think UPS has to meet a level of responsibility when they have the amps in their custody.
You've got high voltages present in tube amps. If you're not familiar with safety procedures at higher voltages you should stay out. These could have enough voltage in the caps right now to give you a pretty good jolt even though you may not have plugged it in. I'm not trying to scare you but don't just poke around if you're not familiar- 300 Volts would not be unusual in a tube amp. If that doesn't convince you, try licking a 9v battery- then multiply that feeling by at least 30x.