If anybody knows me, I love Spectral with their 1 MHz
bandwidth, etc etc. Has anyone heard the NORMA amps which
claim 2 MHz bandwidth? Just curious to see if anyone has
heard them and whether these amps are a step up or just an
electronic claim for supposedly better performance.
The SC-2 and PA-150 combination are something very special indeed.
Definitely give them an audition if you can. Personally not a Spectral fan, so there is indeed a difference. The Normas were more refined in practically all areas in my trials.
Haven't heard them but wonder about cable recommendations. Spectral demands their components be used with MIT, or else the warranty is void, I strongly suspect due to bandwidth limiting so the components do not go into oscillation.

On the other hand I have some audio cables capable of transmitting hi-def video (74 MHz) without phase shift.
Just by the build and parts quality Norma 2Mhz deserves more North American interest. From what i've read they add more "body" to the music then Spectral Audio while maintaning speed/detail and lack of coloration. The distributor TMH needs to get the glossy "rags" to review their products and have the gear available at audio shows. It's unfortunate that many well heeled audiophiles need "expert" approval when purchasing audio gear.

Why stop at 2Mhz? TMH Audio also carry the 'ALEF' amplifiers with 6Mhz bandwidth.

I would love to hear this stuff.
Just discovered this thread - a few comments on NORMA's 2Mhz designs:

1. Unlike other products, all NORMA 2Mhz products are totally stable and NO SPECIAL CABLES ARE REQUIRED.

2. Ultra-High technology including High-Current to drive challenging loudspeaker loads.

3. The "house sound" is ultra high transparency, resolution and speed but with rich harmonics for "body & soul"...and musicality. Definitely not "Soul-less".

Jim Ricketts
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