Amplifier with no serial #

Hi fellow members. Any experience with buying an Amp with no serial #. I bought an Amplifier from a well known company, a few times the Amp started going off and on. When I called the company they asked me to look for the serial # but we discovered there was none. Should I get my money back? Any avise will be great. Thanks Osiris.
Not having a serial number "could" create a lot of problems down the road.

If you like the amp, I would just ask for an exchange for another one and make sure before it’s shipped it has a serial number.  Unless you bought it used?
What manufacturer is it ? If they use serial numbers and you do not have one on yours it is either a prototype or a fake ? More info would be helpful .

I would get my money back.

Something else to consider, someday you might want to sell that thing.

This item may be HOT!!
Sometimes equipment gets out the door without it being serialized. I this from experience and isn't something I'm proud of but that is how it is. In other words, it may not be significant. I have a nice Gibson guitar that isn't serialized; when you look into the history of that particular guitar, most of them were built that way.
I want to thank all of you for yours inputs on this post, It has been very helpful. The manufacture name I wont mention at this time I have send the Amplifier back and they don't want to refund me or send a new Amplifier with a serial #. I hope they take responsibility for their mistake. Until then I wont mention their name. Thanks.