Amplifier maintenance for beginners

What kind of maintenance is recommended for beginners? Can I clean the circuit boards, or output connections? Is there something called contact cleaner?
Change the oil every 6,000 miles, and rotate the tires every 10,000. Check the timing belt for cracks once or twice a year.
Seriously - amps fall into the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it catagory. Yes, there's contact cleaner for the RCA's, but plugging and unplugging cable once or twice essentially does the same thing.
If you'll become as obsessive as the typical audiophile you'll be swapping cables a bunch, so you'll keep the contacts clean anyway.
Not sure what kind of amp you have, but also make sure that it has plenty of clearance and space around it so that heat doesn't diminish its life span.
Come on, Snofun3! Are you trying to get this guy a repair bill? You need to change the oil in your amp much more frequently than every 6K miles. Sheesh...
Carefully vacuum out the dust bunnies and cat fur about once a year. Every month or so gently wipe the exterior clean using Windex.
Sorry - I was thinking about using synthetic oil.

OK, One more tip - if the voices don't sound centered from the speakers, ensure you have equal tire pressure all around.
No, I'm the one who should be apologizing! If you're using synthetic, 6000 miles is quite conscientous.

I must admit being more than a bit lax on checking my tire pressure, though. Especially, with the weather changes we have here in the spring. I just kind of blissfully kept listening...
Make sure the tire pressure is checked when the tires are cold and not while you are driving around, half a km is the extreme if you need to go to a gas station. After that the tires get warmed up and you get incorrect reading.

As for your question the best answer on this thread is "If if ain't broke don't fix it"
If one has purchased an amp that has been sitting dormant for over 6 months what are the proper things to check and do without going to a tech for a check up?

For me a tech to review and check things is a bit far, a little pricey and inconvenient.

First I vacuumed the vents. Then after letting the amp sit at room temperature for a couple of hours I opened it up. I cleaned the circuit boards with a dusting spray. For the terminals and ICs (outside and inside) I used DeOxit. Is there anything else that should be done? Can I just plug in the amp now and play.

I'd like to pose this situation to members here to share their thoughts and experiences for us novices/beginners.

Thanks in advance.
I just realized I forgot some additional details. The situation I mention above is for a solid state amp. Also I wiped down the heatsinks. Thanks again
Bring the thing up on a variac. Start at about 75% line voltage and gradually build. Make sure it does its math home work and practices pronunciation of its consonants. If it gives you any feedback PUNISHMENT IS IN ORDER.
Turn it on turn it off clean rcas and speaker terminal with Kontack thats it.