Power Cords for Beginners: Synergistic v. Shunyata

I have no experience with power cords. I'd like one for a large Threshold amp. It gets confusing, because reviews I have read indicate that there are many sonic flavors and differences between AC cords.

Can someone characterize the 'sound' of the Synergistic AC Master Coupler, the Shunyata Sidewinder, and perhaps the older Shunyata white Mamba, which is available for less than the current Black Mamba? Or any other cords that are in the $150-250 price range, used.
kinda like buying a new car,uh? chevy, ford, buick.
bmi eel reference pairs are on the auction block regularly and a great pc for the price. only need one, list the extra on audiogon, will go fast. kurt
Sorry to say its a trial and error situation. It is a compatability issue as to what cord will suit which componet in what system. I understand FatWyre.com has a try before you buy policy which may be of interest to you. Good luck, Fletch
The Synergistic power cord is one of the two best choices under $175 second hand. I would describe it as very transparent, with a big soundstage,but a bit lean, so they mate very well with tube gear, preventing too much "warmth". For digital gear I would use Harmonic Technology's Pro-11AC. A neutral pc, tending towards being a bit "warm", but harmonically very nicely balanced.
Take a look at the Voodoo Mana power cords $199 new and used about $110! For the price, good sound & construction! Good punch, deep bass, bodied midbass and a smooth $ sweet upper mids & highs! It takes away the grunge and gives a clear picture! Also, their lower model, the Mojo is also good at US$149. Sound wise, everything is the same except that it is smaller in gauge and as such, has very slightly less bass & midbass energy compared to the Mana! Contact Bruce at brucer@lanset.com or visit www.voodoopowercords.com and see what others have to say! I will be comparing it to a Synergisitic AC Master Coupler in a day or two! This will be interesting! Feel free to email me!
I have found that digital source components benefit the most from aftermarket power cords and this is where MOST Shunyata products shine (just about everything except the Sidewinder). Spend a little more on your source cable and get AT LEAST a Black Mamba - you'll be glad you did. The Synergistic is a good PC for amps and the Sidewinder is also pretty good for amps. The Sidewinder seems to be a VERY dynamic cable by comparison.
You can fare very well by making your own (the Bob Crump power cord) or buying something like the Absolute Power Cord here in Audiogon. I would start with the simple ones and then upgrade if not satisfied. Just my .02
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Hi Kevziek; Prior to making a choice, I auditioned 7 power cords in my system, to include the Syn. Res. Master Coupler and Sidewinder. I had the Master Coupler and Sidewinder in 20 amp as my McCormack DNA-2DX has a 20 amp input plug. Of the 7 cords auditioned, the Master Coupler was the most neutral with excellent bass and good soundstaging. Others auditioned included an Electra-glide, ESP, Orchard Bay, Audio Industries, and some I don't remember, but later I also tried a Voodoo Mana and a Shunyata Viper 2-- both more colored than the SR-MCs.

Now, over a year later, I have Syn. Res. Master Couplers on all components, and recently they provided a worthwhile up-grade on my Vandersteen 5 speakers (for the speakers sub-woofer amps). I also now have a 14 ft. Master Coupler on my DNA2 Rev. A amp-- I needed this long length to reach dedicated outlets. I also use Syn. Res. ICs (active shielded), and spkr. cables. But as others above have stated, it's really a matter of personal preference.

The Cable Co. will lend wires to try, but there is a rental charge that is then applied toward the purchase price from them, and of course you have to buy "new". Good Luck, and Cheers. Craig.
I'm about to buy a reel of 83803 Copper 12-3 in Teflon to make dedicated lines AND PCs, with ACME outlets, Schurter IECs and P&S/Marinco plugs. Any warnings? Thanks.