amp to compliment NAD 1155

I just bought a used NAD 1155 and a used Nikko Gamma 30 on ebay. My goal is to try and put together as good a used 2 channel system as possible using used equip as much as possible. Hooked it up this afternoon and am currently running my computer speakers with them (Altec Lansing atp3). Wow what a change! I really like the 1155 and the Nikko sounds great. It really is amazing how good they make the $50 Altecs sound.
I've been playing with stereo since eighth grade. A Heathkit tuner and amp, and speakers (all kits) was my first excursion into hifi. My best set up was a Tandberg 1055, B & O 1700 turntable, Tandberg TCD 310 tapedeck, all running stacked Large Advents. I still have all this stuff, in various states of repair, but am looking for something a bit newer and better, and I'm flabbergasted at some of the prices of used equipment I've seen.
So what do people recommend I look for here or on ebay? Firstly an amp and then for a set of relatively small speakers. The Advents are much to large for my current living space, so I'm thinking about something like Paradigm Titans. I'm not looking for huge sound output, just the best I can put together for moderately loud, and especially quiet listening. Open to all comments, criticisms, etc. , and thanks in advance for your help.
I am running a Hafler DH-200 I picked up on eBay for less than $200, then added a few mods that really made it sound good. I replaced the input electrolytic capacitor with a Solen polypropyline 10uf, and added 1uf polypropyline bypass caps to the power supply electrolytics. The mods opened up the soundstage, and improved dynamics and rhythm for about $20 in parts.