Amp to compliment Sonic Frontiers pre??


So I am trying out a buddy's Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 pre...kinda liking it alot with the Epos M5i's I have...just have to find the right tube match...I bought a Brimar CV4024 this morning so maybe that'll be the ticket!!

But, in the mean time, can anyone recommend an amp (4ohm capable) to go with the pre?? I am looking for warm, full bodied, maybe rolled off on the top...something to offset the top end brightness of the Epos but still bring out it's beautiful mids!!

Would something like a B&K ST-140 work?? Suggestions?? Comments??

I borrowed his Mitsubishi DA-A10DC which seems to be working good but could have a nicer bottom end LOL!!

Thanks kindly!!!
Move the speakers around to tamr the treble...The sonic frontiers pre and b&k should work fine together.
The SFL-1 is far from rolled off in the HF's, but if your Brimar's are from the 50's production they may help.

If not (later Brimar versions are cleaner/crisper) look for older RCA Black plate 12au7's, assume they are not pricey, but have not purchased any for years.

My best advice (for the sound you seem to be seeking) would be to go with something other than the SF preamp.

Most SF and ARC preamps/amps are not my cup of tea as I prefer a more fluid sound.

This said, I've heard them sound super on both home and store setups, just not the type of sound I care to listen to on a day to day basis.
I'm doing the opposite. I picked up a SF Power 2 amp a few years back. I've recently acquired a VTL 2.5 preamp and like the match. I primarily use a Jolida tube cd player for source. The SF amp leans on the analytical side but with careful matching on speakers, pre, and cd player it can sound very nice. I would think same applies to to your scenario. A friend has B&K pre/amp running Paradigm 9's and for solid state it sounds very musical from my point of view. B&K is not that pricey and built well.
Best wishes

Several years ago I had the Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 in my system. The preamp mates well with an ARC tube amp.

What make and year is the 12AT7 tube in the preamp?
From the factory the preamp came with 2 tubes. One was a 12AT7A (Ei) and the other was a Signature CV4024/M8162, a Mullard tube. The Mullard was the preferred tube for my taste in the preamp. The (Ei) tube caused the preamp to sound more like a SS preamp to me.
The B&K ST-140 does not work well with 4 ohm speakers. You might like Conrad Johnson.
Actually the tube that was in there was an Amperex 6DJ8 A frame...not my cup of tea LOL!!

I put in a Sylvania for now...better but I'm hoping for more of that warm midrange bloom and big bottom well for lower volume listening that I do quite often...that's when I found that Brimar 4024...hopefully that is close...if not then I can search out a Mullard!!

And I thought that B&K was rated at 105wpc into 4?? I don't it going to be an improvement over the Mitsu??

My other option was to go back and buy a Jolida 1501RC...had one a few years ago...sold it and regretted it ever since!!!
SFS 160 or 75 monos.
Actually the tube that was in there was an Amperex 6DJ8 A frame...not my cup of tea LOL!!
03-28-10: Sideways

Though the pin-out may be the same for a 6DJ8 and a 12AT7 the two tubes are not interchangeable.......



Are you sure the tube was a 6DJ8? The heater voltage on the 6DJ8 is 6.3V and the 12AT7 heater voltage can be configured for 6.3V (heaters paralleled) or 12V (heaters in series).
The tubes application characteristics are different as well.
Hey Jim!!!

Ya I know the two tubes are not interchangeable but inside the pre is a jumper point where you can move to be able to take either tube!!!

It's kind of a sweet setup so one is not limited to a certain variety :)

Many moon ago I had great results matching a SF SFL1 with a Krell KSA100s.

The short story was I was shopping for a SFL1 (my 1st tube gear) and I made the mistake in auditioning it with the Krell at the store. The dealer ask me to take it home for an extended audition and ended up purchasing both. Afterwards he said it was his job :-) I blame him for starting my audiophile addiction :-)

SF preamps have low output impedance so it's work well with most amps.

FYI, I've also had great results matching a SFL-2 and line 3 with Krell FPB300 and FPB600. SF and Krell work well together.