Speakers to compliment McIntosh MC452 and MC 205

Suggestions for stereo speakers to compliment McInstosh MC 452. Also home theater 7.1 speakers to compliment MC452 with MC205. MC 452 450 wpc x 2 MC205 200 wpc x 5. Need to use same fronts for both stereo and home theater.
I have heard some nice music played using the B & W Diamond series at a dealer in NYC. Seems to compliment the warmer McIntosh sound. Great mid-range and soundstage.

I have also heard McIntosh 7000 integrated amp drive ATC 19s. This is a very precise sounding combination, not for every one, but one that is neutral with most genres.
If you paired that MC452 with a pair of Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage speakers you'd probably never want to leave your house. The SF Strad Homage is their flagship, but any of their Homage or Cremona line should sound wonderful with that amp. My local SF dealer is also a Mac dealer so I have heard the pairings and they're a marriage of high resolution with seductive musicality.
I heard some KEF reference units (the 201/2 as I recall) that sounded very good. seemed a good paring.