Recommended tube compliment for Yamamoto A-08 Ampl

I recently purchased a Yamamoto a-08 45 based amplifier. I think it sounds fantastic with balance across the frequency spectrum and grate depth as well. I'm seeking advice from those who may own the A-08 and what tube preferences they have discovered to work best in this amp. Additionally you can use 2A3 in place of the 45. Comments in this camp are also welcome. I shouldn't forget power cord as well.
EML Solid Plate 45 for the power tubes are generally considered a must. That's what I use, but that's what came with my A-08S so I haven't used anything else to comment against.

I haven't tried the EML Mesh 80, but I would really like to try it one day. Personally, I like NOS Sylvania 80 for rectifier. I think all the 717A's were made be Western Electric so just get a pair that test/measure well.

Is it true you can also run 2A3's in this amp?
Yes. I bought my A-08S used and it came with EML 45 tubes and EML 2A3 tubes. I felt the 45 were far superior so I sold the 2A3 tubes. The 2A3 worked flawlessly in the amp.