Amp Recommendation - Gershman Avant Garde

I have a pair of Gershman's and looking for advice on an amp to drive them. Any prior Avant Garde owners or those that heard a pairing they liked please weigh in. Thanks.
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I had a friend who owned Avante Garde's and he drove them beautifully with a pair of Kora monoblocks, tube amps, from France. Incredible sound. I don't think Kora distributes into North America anymore but I do see used pairs come up for sale here occasionally. My friends main source was an Electrocompanient EMC-1up cd player into a Kora pre. Cabling was all Kimber Select with Kimber Palladium power cords. When these speakers are set up properly with the right equipment they are very likely the best value in all of audio, but you probably know this already, since you own a pair. I have never heard another small speaker perform the way this one can. I have also heard these speakers sound underwhelming when not paired with the right ancillary gear and or set up incorrectly. A local dealer comes to mind. On more than one visit I have expressed my opinion that he is not getting the very best out of the AG's. He just shrugs and says he thinks they sound fine. Oh well. BTW my friend sold his AG's, not to me sadly, and moved up to Black Swans.
I have owned the AVs since Eli Gershman set up a pair in my home for audition in '97. Back then, I drove them with a Reference Line Preeminence One 100W pure class A (SS), but more recently with
- Panasonic SA-XR25 100W receiver (class D)
- Monarchy SM70 Pro balanced monoblocks (SS)
- Blue Circle BC22 Mk.II 120W stereo (SS)
- McAlister SE22 22W stereo (tube)
- Dodd Audio battery powered EL84 15W stereo (tube)

currently, and my favorite,
- Audio Mirror 45W SEP monoblocks (tube).