Gershman acoustics sonogram loud speaker or Tannoy NFM 8

I have recently came across a pair of Gershman acoustics sonogram loud speakers in mint condition for
1 ,000.00 Canadian ( im told 6 years ago they were over 5,000.00 )

I have recently been doing some upgrading , and here is my setup

Simaudio 220i integrated amp / Simaudio 280-D DAC and Tannoy NFM 8 speakers

(Not pertinent to this is my RSA darkstar and Sennheiser HD 800s )

Ive never heard these Gershmans , but they are over 20 years newer than my Tannoys .Which may by itself be irrelevant .

What i love about my Tannoys is (excuse me being w/out professional audiophile language ) is their accuracy and imaging , and when i have to listen to music low , they also are very accurate


Im led to believe this will improve with the sonograms , and tho i thought the bass/low end was great on my Tannoys , im told i will hear a huge improvement there as well

1k dollars canadian , is nothing to scoff at , tho if they were originally 5K , and if they are a huge improvement over my Tannoys , id welcome them

Am i a fool to pass them up at that cost ? And is spending 1k worth the improvement (if it is so ) over my

Tannoys ?