Gershman, any comments?

I have been interested in the avantguard rx-20 but as there are no dealers any where in the mid west I wont be able to listen.Anyway I just curious what some of you may think..also how about matching them with BAT vk 60 mono's?
I think that the manufacturer would probably have the most insight to that question, and I find them (Ofra and Eli) to be some of the nicest people in audio. I have the Avante Gardes, but I am selling them here in Audiogon. If you would like, please call me at 718-623-1935. I have heard these speakers on Cary tubes and it was a very nice match. Certainly the bass "grip" wouldnt be as strong as a well designed SS amp, but the sound was romantic. These are all aroung excellent performers. If I move into a larger apt again, then I will surely buy them again.
Primus Audio Pleasure in Kansas City was a dealer I don't know if he still is or not. GL
I have had these speakers for 4 months.This is one of the most natural sounding speakers I have heard.The bass is quick and deep for an 8.5"driver.The mids and highs are detail.I can listen to these speakers for a long time and not get fatigued.On vocals you can close your eyes and you are thare. they do take a least 100 hours to break in.I have them placed 2.5 feet from the rear and side walls. I hope this helped Louis