Amp rec for AR REF3/CD7, & SF Auditor M's/REL B2

Would appreciate some guidance on selecting an amp to replace my ML 334. The ML 334 is a fine amp but I am looking for a better compliment to my AR electronics and my SF/REL speaker system. I have heard the new Ayre monoblocks and they are spectacular with my system, but exceed what I am willing to do cost-wise.

Any input would be most appreciated. I would especially be pleased to hear from anyone who happens to have a setup identical or at least similar to mine. Recommendations that stay south of the Ayre's $18,500 price would be equalling pleasing to learn about. ;->

Although I would prefer a SS amp, I would at least consider a tube-based or hybrid design.

Thanks in advance!
I also have CD-7/Ref 3. I have tried several higly regarded amps, including such benchmarks as Pass X-350.5, and ARC Ref 110 was the best match by far.

The only amp that bettered Ref 110 in my system so far was DarTZeel 108, but DarT is almost $23.000.
I can only support Elberoth2 recommendation. Once you own the CD7/Ref3 combo it is not easy to find better than the Ref110 without great expenditure. Sometime ago our local Ayre distributor brought the monoblocks for a short hearing in my system and they also sounded great with the CD7/Ref3. At that time I owned SF Stradivari and the Ref 100 did not have power enough for them in my room. I successfully used both Nordost Valhalla and Shunyata Antares/Orion with the ARC combo.
I have heard this front end (Ref3, CD7) in combination with the Aesthetix Atlas Hybrid Amplifier and a pair of Vandersteen 5a's. It was a great combination. To me, the Atlas may be the best amplifier I have ever heard. At $8K list it is still a bargain.
I recommend that you audition Lamm M 1.2 Reference hybrid monoblocks. I have the AR Ref 3/CD 7 combo and the Lamm has a wonderful synergy with them. My speakers are Dynaudio Temptations. YMMV. Best of luck in your search.
If the DarTZeel is that good of a match, hunt down a Karan amp. I saw a KA S180 listed here for sale. Having recently owned a late-model Karan amp, I can't say enough good things about their units. They would still be a good value at 2x the price. My integrated was "only" 180 watts, but the current reserves were incredible, and the S180 is even more powerful. Detailed yet incredibly musical sound, sounded more tube-like than several tubed ARC pieces I have heard.
A good friend went from the ref3/CD7 combo with ref. 210 amps because he needed more power, to Mcintosh 1201s with his Maggie 20.1s. A big improvment.
I've used SF Cremonas with a bunch of amps, ss and tubed. Generally, I'd agree with your instincts toward ss amps (or hybrids with a ss output stage). That said, my ARC VT 130SE worked very nicely. The ARC amps are pretty neutral sounding tube amps, the appropriate models have adequate output, and they aren't bothered by the SF's load. They're also in your price range.

BTW, I assume that you're using the REL with the high level set-up. If you're actively crossing at the line level, you can choose pretty much anything you like.