Amp for Yamaha Soavo 2

Dear HiFi Gurus:

I playing with a second system. I have a great set of speaker to base it on: Yamaha Soavo 2. But I'm afraid the Integra 50.3 I'm using is not bringing the best out of them. To be fair, the sound is incredibly sweet, but it lacks a bit the impact and edge.

Any suggestions?

Have you got an amp that plays really well with the Soavos? Or an amp that is more sharp/clinical/lean to balance their incredible sweetness?

I'm considering both integrated and power amps. Digital input is a plus, but not a requirement.

Cost is also a factor (that's a second system after all :-). I'd prefer to keep it below $300. Max $500.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!!

All the best,
Check Crown Xi series within your budget. They sound very clean even for home audio.
Have you browsed the Amps for sale section? I am almost certain that you will suffer "Sticker Shock" with very few for less than $300 that aren't project pieces. If you can DIY you might be able to pick up a piece which may only need minor repairs ot there goes the budget. For $500 Wyred for sound makes a stereo amp that might be just what you wanted i.e. more impact and dynamics. With those qualities being outstanding you might find your seet midrange recessed. So there could be some trade offs. has some very nice amps that are quite reasonably priced and come with 30 day trial, free shipping, and a 5 year warranty. The XPA-200 (150 watts/ch.) is well within your budget at $419...

Get new Yamaha A-S1000 for $800 total on eBay
And you will be happy for long time.
Thanks for the insightful responses, folks. I'll research further in the suggestions.
So, I went with the Emotiva UPA-200 and I'm very happy with it. Sound is detailed, clean, yet musical.

Thanks again you all for the suggestions.
A quick update for people searching on the topic:

I ended up ditching the emotiva. In the end, it was better than before, but still would not bring the magic out of the Soavos.

After much play, I got the system to sing by changing the source. It turns out that the Aune T1 + Amperex Orange Globe worked wonders. The amp remained the Integra 50.3.

It is really awesome now. :-)