Amp for Proac Response 2.5

Hi guys,

I'm new to Audiogon and wondered if anyone could help. I live in the UK and see many fantastic amps touted around here and on audiosylum. Can anyone recommend a nice amp for my Proac Response 2.5's?

I never heard valves but got recommended a MingDa MC67Ha preamp and 2 805A monoblocks. These produce 40W class A each apparently.

Music tastes are varied but mainly rock, electronic and world music/jazz. My room is 18x11ft so i don't think i need too much power to make the Proacs do their stuff.

Other amps i thought about were Rogue, Plinius and Gryphon...and my budget used/new is $2300.

Hope someone can help!

Best regards

Richard Huxley
Richard I had nice results with Sugden and Proac-(I only have the Studio 150's)-I'm now using an Ayre AX-7 to great effect-might be a bit outside your budget.
I'm also in the UK,Glasgow.
Mail me if you need more info.
Richard, search the forums. There are two threads active within the last week on amps for the 2.5 that might help you out. Good luck!
If the 2.5 is anything like the Response 2 and Response 3 pairs that I owned, that 40-watt tube amp should work fabulously well (although I've never heard a Ming Da). Good luck, Dave
I've owned and/or used the following amps with my 2.5s with great success over the 7 1/2 years owning them:

Air Tight ATM300
Cary Audio 572 SET monoblocks (don't buy these as the 572 tube has gone out of production and was quite unreliable)
Transcendent Sound 25wt OTL
Cary Audio 300B monoblocks
Mesa Baron tube amp

Accuphase 25wt S/S
Symphonic Sound 50wt S/S
Cary Audio CAD805 monblocks
Cary Audio 300SEI integrated

I have a smaller room than yours and everything except the Cary 300B drove them real loud. The Air Tight 300B sounds more powerful and open than the Carys but neither was able to properly control the bass. The 2.5s will put out ample bass but need at least 20 wts to do so.
Thanks guys for all the recommendations...seems 40W monoblocks would be a good start. Also checking out the Manley Labs Stingray and Mahi amps.

Quite difficult for me to find the Air Tight (isn't that a porno phrase?) equipment...even on Audiogon let alone ebay :))

The Cary gear looks great..will look around for this.

Thanks again..also going to check out the other threads concerning the Proacs.

Best regards

No wonder my wife giggles everytime she hears me tell someone about "my Air Tight"!
Pucker up!
Tomryan,, how did they sound with the Accuphase
I work in place where we have clone of these Proac's the boss make for intrested custumers. A few days ago guy he come into shop with little 2X50W integrated by Blue Circle Audio in Canada and we hook him up to clones. Quickly there were about 10-15 people standing listening with mouths open.
Quite nice with the Accuphase - very musical and sweet. Amp was only 25wts SS but did a nice job.
I use the Magnum Dynalab MD-208 Receiver for my ProAc 2.5 speakers and the system sounds very good. This single box Audio Receiver is perfect for me since I need a one box solution that offers a high level of music reproduction. I am using the Meridian 508.24 CD Player and am very pleased with the musical results. List price for this Receiver is $2,995 US Dollars. The FM also sounds very good. Hope this helps.