Amp for Magnepan 3.1 speakers

A friend of mine is asking my advise on what to get for his Magnepan 3.1s. He uses it mostly for home theater. Tubes are not an option. I want to get him a neutral amp w. decent body and high power that will be "turn key" for his use. A preamp is needed as well. He has rear speakers but they are not Magnepans. He needs probably a preamp / processor of some sort and an amplifier for the front. His budget for amplification is probably close to $2000 and he likes to buy used. I know what to recommend in terms of tubes but to find SS that is neutral with enough power anything I think of is too much money. Any help would be appreciated.
Quad 909 with their current dumping design would work well with Maggies (I bet) also Quad amps are very neutral and natural
Bryston 3 or 4 series is a natural.If you require more particulars flip me a pm.
I've had the Maggie 1.6, 3.6 and 20, and had best success with Classe and Bryston...tried Audio Research, Sim and others....
BTW I tried Plinius, Innersound and Rogue with my 1.6s and stayed with Plinius but always thought the Quads would make a really good choice because of the high current they output and Maggies (and ESLs) need. As a bonus I have seen them for around $1000 here on Agon.
Definitely Wyred4Sound- best sounding, least fussy amps I've owned- and they're 80%+ energy efficient- and small. My SX 500s are about the size of a small shoe box and weigh less than 10 pounds each! See my ad for PS Audio GCP preamp- has HT bypass
Regardless of what amp your friend chooses make sure it stays true to ohm's law that as impedence drops by 1/2 the power should double. My personal fav. Sunfire. I have a theater grand putting out 400w/ch at 4ohms to a pair of MMG's and they sound magical. Best part is that the Sunfire amplifiers never run above room temp. and can within reason drive any load you throw at them. Just my opinion.
to clarify Nissancrazy (in my layman's terms) if your amp truley doubles the power as impedance drops by 1/2 (very few do) than it has enough current to do so which is what Maggies need