Amp binding posts for bare speaker wires

I've always favored bare wire connections for connecting speakers to amplifier binding posts. I am going to add a subwoofer to my system. REL subs connect their neutrik speakon cable directly to the binding posts and I was wondering if it is advisable to combine bare speaker wire and speakon cables (Black, red, and yellow) together.Or is it better to use for example; banana plugs or spades then connect the sub via bare wire. What I'm trying to ask is, should I separate the speaker wires from the sub wires or does it matter 
if they are connected together.
Since you always favored bare wire connections for connecting speakers to amplifier binding posts, my suggestion is terminate the neutrik speakon cable with banana plugs, so you can separate the speaker wires (bare wire) from the sub wires (banana plug) for a neat connection.
Right. You will never hear the difference with the sub that’s for sure. I ran mine for years like this, only instead of banana I just twisted and folded the bare wire and crammed it in there. I usually say everything matters. But some, just not enough to worry.
It really doesn't matter which way you connect the bare ends of the speakon cable. I've used bare wires, bananas, and spades whichever are the easiest and most convenient.
As others have mentioned you shouldn't have any performance issues from the subwoofer or your loudspeakers if both the high level wires and your speaker wire are connected to the same terminals with bare wire termination. As long as the wires are both making good, secure contact with the terminal you should be fine. The main benefit of adding spade connectors or banana plugs onto the ends of the high level cable is to make connecting and disconnecting the high level cable easier.