Am I Nuts or What?

This goes against everything I thought to be true, but I compared sound quality of my Acoustic Energy ae2s with the stock wire jumper vs a pair of high quality Transparent and Apex jumpers and found the ol stock wire connector to be superior when using my non bi wired Yamamura m4000 or S/W Maestro speaker cables. This just seems to go against the grain of what should be a better setup, considering the cost of the Tranparent and Apex jumpers.
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Am I correct in understanding that you are comparing two different types of jumpers? Or are you comparing bi-wire to a single wire-with jumper configuration? If its just two sets of jumpers, then I must confess that I don't believe one set should sound much better than another. The movement of each tweeter or driver causes feedback across the jumper. This feedback influences the sound output of each driver, and especially the tweeter. If the speakers are bi-wired, the tweeter and woofer have clear access to the juice from the amp, and no direct path for feedback from one driver to another exists. This is why the imaging of bi-wired speakers--in general--is better than single wired speakers. I read this a few years ago in a technical magazine. Some high end speakers, like the late Hales, that do not allow for bi-wire, combated this in other ways. However, in your case, I have my own theory: the Transparent jumpers are of such high quality, they allow more feedback down the line, thus disrupting the sound more than the cheap jumpers. This is probably all a bogus theory, but I think it sounds good. :)
Justlisten: Whatever sounds best. I preferred a jumper made of Kimber Kable and single wiring to biwiring on my old setup. In this case the stock jumper bars were the worst sound of the three. My new speakers only allow single wiring which frees up some time for me to be confused and perplexed about other aspects of the system.
I should claify my post. I am using standard stereo speaker cables, 1 Yamamura the other Straight Wire, and have 2 types of Jumpers, 1 Transparent, the other Apex, into a biwirable speaker. No matter which speaker cable or jumper combo I use, this speaker sounds better without the use of the aftermarket jumpers. The little wire that came with the speakers, creating a link between the high and lo freq posts sound superior to use with either jumper.

Sorry to confuse this issue with different speaker cables and jumpers, the bottom line of this is that the speakers sound best with the stock wire jumper, which surprises me.
Is it so hard to believe that the designer(s) of the speaker knew exactly what they were doing? Trust your ears.
Yes, you are nuts. Not because you hear what you hear, but because you are listening to 2" pieces of wire in a vain attempt to get some musical "value". We all have the same disease; if you could listen to money we'd all just break out the $100 bills and have a party.
I listen to my money. It says, "Buy that amplifier."
Dekay has nailed it. Audiophilia Nervosa is a zero-sum game. The obsession will always seek the path of least resistance, striking often at the foundations of common sense.
Thank God none of us here,have common sense. The hoby would be dead.