Alternative AU24 'e' IC

Have been using this IC's for quite a while and 'very' satisfied over the years. Needing another set of IC's but nowadays somewhat strapped for the cash . . . . for that matter have always been to some degree but more of late!

Using these between source (Bryston/Oppo) and amp (Plinius). Have been very neutral in this system and looking for the same. FYI, I've been switching the IC's between the Bryston and Oppo - one 'Red Book' the other multi-format capability including SACD. Time to pony up for something to rid myself of the need for physical switching of ICs. thanks
I've used the AU24e as well, and have also found the DH Labs BL- 1 MkII very satisfying. If your good at soldering, and willing to do diy, I recommend buying the BL-1 MkII in bulk, available at $6 a foot and terminate with Vampire gold over copper RCA's. A cheaper alternate RCA are Neutrik Profis. The vampire is available at 50% of list price through Michael Percy (list is $80/pr). I've built lots of diy cables, and these days really like the vampire RCAs . And I really like the DH Labs. Before that I used to build cable using Klotz Lagrange cable, which is the same cable used by Rega to make their Couple imterconnect. Klotz is cheaper than DH Labs, and is typically available from places that cater to musicians as its typically used as an instrument cable. It's shielded, well built and low impedance. That can probably be found for $2 a foot.

I have always wanted to demo the Plinius gear. I am familiar w/ the Bryston & Oppo and would add these IC(s) for consideration:
Audience AU24 SE
Signal Cable
Silent Source

First and foremost, I am a "cable/cord" guy.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Try a Black Cat Lectraline. I have one and it's really good. Does require a significant break in, but worth it.
You should be able to get a really good deal on a pair of AQ Jaguars. I have a few pairs myself, and can tell you that I haven't found a situation where they don't sound good. I put them next to cables that cost a lot more and they're just as good.