I would like to know your opinion on the following speaker
Ascendo's System M
Usher horn D2
Peak advance El diablo

to go with Lamm ML2.1

Dear all
i'm looking to biamp kharm exquisite 1D with a second pair of Lamm ML2.1.
Unfortunatly, preamp with two sets of XLR or even RCA outputs are not very easy to find
I was going to get a Connoisseur 4.2SE but it did not fit
The FM acoustic 266 seems to me like a perfect choice but then again onyl one set of outputs...
please help
Thank you
In fact, you can order Connoisseur with 2 XLR outputs or 2 RCA outputs. FM Acoustic would also be excellent choice for pre-amp if budget is not the issue.
You can get the FM Acoustics 266 with 2outputs. It may cost you another $50 -- but probably not. It's an outstanding preamplifier.