Alternative air pumps for ET2

Hello, I'm wondering what other airpumps fellow ET2 users are using. Also what form of air regulation works best.
I've used a 2.5 hp air compressor for years with a 10 gallon air tank. since it makes a bit of noise, it is located in my garage within a make-shift sound proof crate. At the TT end, I have a lab-grade regulator that works very well.
The guy who bought my extremely cranky and unreliable ET-2 back in the mid-90s ascribed its difficulties to the Wisa pump that had come with it (purchased used by me). Said this happened all the time and that he bought them cheap and discarded the pumps. He told me this AFTER he had bought mine. An earlier ET-2 that I had owned, with the stock pump, operated perfectly. Dave
My reason for asking is that I recently saw a short blurb by someone using a Medo AC0110 airpump so I ordered one. The day it came in I hooked it up and tried it at 5psi (over the 3 of the original) and really liked the sound. However upon further checking I saw that it is rated at a 30 min duty cycle and gets really hot! Bruce Thigpen also suggested the Medo air pump. I am a little concerned about the heat as I need to build an enclosure due to the noise.
Dopogue, you have me concerned also that maybe I'm compromising the reliability of my 10 year old arm, which has performed very well. I hope the added pressure doesn't screw it up!
Thanks for your replies,
I wouldn't worry about screwing up the arm itself, Alun. I think the problem with the Wisa was too little pressure rather than too much, but it was a long time ago :-)
Hello Alun , I'm using now the Japanese Takatsuki SPP-GA 15 , which has about 4 PSI , this is a very low noise pump,which operates here in the listening room , an alternative is the German WISA 340 Seaworld pump , which delivers about 7 PSI , but is too noisy to left in the room .But both pumps operate very good with my ET2 arm ,mounted on a Sphinx PJ 6 TT base and Dynavector Te Kaitora cartridge.I saw on the internet that the Japanese brand has an office in the US.(
Regards Hans (Holland-Europe)
I use both a Wisa pump and the stock ET pump in tandem and run it into a homemade surge tank(a five gallon plastic gas can with aquarium stuffing inside). From there i use an inline filter to my 2.5. Sounds great and have had no problems with it. I keep both air pumps under a table in the corner of my listening room and after a while you become conditioned to the low droning of the pumps,no big shakes.