Alternatives to Dunlavy SC-IVA???

The SC-IVA is the speaker I had my sights set on for quite a while. Now that they're gone, can anyone suggest any alternatives I should look into. I really liked the soundstaging, imaging, and bass response?


I had the Dunlavy 1V for 5 years, with Krell. I sold the Dunlavy, still have the Krell. I audition Revel, Wilson, B&W 801-802. I heard this speakers for less than 5 minutes and I knew that they were a top contender. I would of never guess. The Infinity MTS Preludes, with the 850 watts self powered subs, down to 22 HZ . What a great speaker. All I can say is all you tube folks, looking for that base, this have self powered subs, you can run the towers with your tube gear. Speakers are very personal, so give it a try! Can get them from audigon for $5500-$6000, new $10K
IMHO the speakers that come closest to Dunlavys are Thiels.
I'll second that except that the Thiels give a much larger sweetspot. The Thiel CS7.2 is the best I have ever heard and I have heard many high (extremely high) dollar systems. I think that the Revels and B&Ws are very "sterile" in comparison. I'm not saying that people who love these are wrong - just that it is a purely personal choice.
I was going to buy the Dunlavy SC-IVA as well. But when I heard the Vienna Acoustic Mahler I was very impressed and bought them. Smooth across the entire frequency range, great bass and a big 3-D soundstage with a very musical slightly warm sound. They are very nice to look at and fit into a home setting better than the big Dunlavys.
Piega 10's,c-10ltds. I owned the iv's,iva's and the v's. In my room the piega's were a major upgrade in clarity,midrange,treble,and tighter bass. Need I say more
seems to me now is the time to buy a pair of IVa's. Since the shop went south some of the Dunlavy the prices i've seen on this site have gone to silly cheap levels. Bad business practices don't change the quality of a speaker but some folks seem to think so and want to unlaod them.
I agree with Piezo regarding the purchase of SC-IVa speakers. I have been am are still very happy with mine and as I can understand one's fear of buying speakers from a defunct company, there are many who prefer the musicality of these speakers over all similarly priced competition. Similarly priced would be defined based on normal retail pricing. At throw away pricing it should be any easy decision.
The Vmps line would be a great alternative.
I second Fredgarvin's suggestion of considering VMPS. Particularly their RM40 speaker (similar in size/shape to the SC-IV).
In one of my discussions with John Dunlavy he told me if he was buying a speaker and his were not avalible he would get the Thiel six series or higher as a match for the IVa. He felt they were the second most acurate speaker on the market. I have spent some time with the CS-7.2 and in some respects like them more than my IVa's.
I third the VMPS line, particularly the new RM/x which is arguably a superior speaker if you value incredible resolving power and detail.