aloia amp

Looking for good preamp to match. Currently using Adcom 750. would i be better off using tube pre or aloia pre. does aloia have proc. bypass.
I am using Aloia preamp. It is excellent. Better than the CAT
Hi Slick2. I have the Aloia PST 11.01 and have been very happy. I just received it two weeks ago as a demo and I think it's fairly settled in now. It has 3 Line inputs, a Tuner, CD and Monitor (tape loop) along with two variable level outputs.
This unit replaced a Kora Eclipse (tube) in my system. I believe the mid-range is a bit more fluid with the Kora but the highs are smoother with the Aloia (solid state). The bass is stronger with the Aloia, sound stage and definition is about the same. The Aloia you can occasionally find around $1900 in the ads and the Kora around $1000. The Kora once retailed for over $5000 (I'm not sure what it changed to but it went down a lot) and the Aloia is now $4500.
These are both fine units and I believe strong contenders to the BAT and CAT, the Aloia has been compared to the Jeff Rowland and Lamm products. That's some good company.
My system consists of two Aloia ST 13.01 amps (bi-amped up and down), Sony SCD-1 SACD player, Dunlavy IVa speakers.
I purchased the Aloia preamp last year. I've been very happy with it, but not sure how it would compare to you Adcom, which I know offers excellent value for the money (my friend has one and loves it).

I'm on the other side of this equation: I'm looking to upgrade by Ayre amp to the Aloia amp. If the amp is as good as the preamp, I would think this combo would be a match made in heaven. This Aloia stuff is dynamite for the price, no doubt. Good luck1