Alignment question

Good afternoon. I recently replaced the Audioquest PT-6 (a rebadged Jelco 250) in my SOTA Star Sapphire with a Jelco 750. The PT-6 mounting is 110 MM from the spindle. The 750 is 114 MM. However, the mounting slots in the headshell are about 6 MM and I was able to move the cartridge back in the headshell and still get a perfect alignment on a Geodisc. I can get a new arm board from SOTA with the correct 114 MM mounting hole, but if I'm able to get accurate alignment is it necessary or worthwhile? Regards.
If it lines up with the Geodisc it is not worth getting a new arm board !
I agree with long as the headshell slots permit accurate alignment...what else do you need?
You better have some "friends" over to give you very specific opinions on how it sounds. I'll bring a jigsaw to shorten it.
I was thinking the same thing, especially now that I found the bases to the Pans. (movers had buried them in the garage. Took ten weeks to find them.)
But if you get a different cartridge it might not work.