AIR TIGHT PC-7 with Shindo preamp.

Has anyone put an ear or two to the above combination. I'm hoping it will be a good combo with my Homage T2 step up. The PC 7 does not not have the low internal impedance like the other Air Tight carts. It's 7 ohm. The EMT carts are in the 24 ohm range. The Homage T2 step up is of course, tailored to the EMT. 
Try it, since you already own the SUT.  By the way, I would say that 7 ohms is fairly low internal resistance, compared to many other MCs and to all other higher output cartridges.  The other question is what is the output of the PC7, compared to that of the EMT cartridge for which the SUT was tailored?  If they're within a 2-fold difference, and if the Shindo per se adds 40db or more of gain, you should be OK.
I should have mentioned it the first time, but the only other missing piece of information is the turns ratio of the SUT.  I am guessing it might be as low as 1:5, which means that 1mV turns into 5mV at the secondaries, similar to the output of an MM.  With the PC7, you'd then have about 3mV, which might be enough to drive the Shindo, again assuming at least 40 db of phono gain.  If the turns ratio is anything greater than 1:5, you're for sure OK.
I believe the T2 turns ratio may be 1:15. As far having enough output, I don't think that will be an issue...I ran a Dynavector 20X-L through the T2 and Shindo preamp, and it had plenty of output. And the 20X-L is only 0.3 Mv. 
Hello fjn04, I'm very interested to learn about your PC-7 try-out. Like you, I have the EMT TSD-75 together with the Hommage T2. I've been thinking about trying a different cartridge but I'm reluctant to give up the Hommage. Please update this thread when you've got some new info.
Thanks, DM
I'm more than happy to share, if I end up pulling the trigger on the PC-7. I'm also considering the Shelter Accord, which has an internal impedance that is very close to EMT/Denon... I believe 30 Ohm, but will check to confirm. 
I mentioned to fjn04 that I’ve had the Shindo/T2/TSD15 combo in the past and now have Thoress/PC7. There was some time in between and the systems overall are different although similar. So, hard to make any direct comparisons. However, I feel confident saying the PC7 is at the next level compared to the TSD15. I moved from a $5k and a $6k cartridge to the PC7 and with all things considered I prefer the PC7 overall. I found it loaded at 500 ohm is best in my system with choices of 50, 100, 500, 1000. The big question will indeed be if the T2 SUT is getting the best out of the PC7. The Thoress is an active gain stage. I believe recommended loading values generally differ for cartridges when it comes to active vs passive?
Thanks Vortrex... I have heard that when using an A23 Step Up in to a Shindo preamp, that the cartridge sees a 300 Ohm load. I have no way to confirm this, but it looks like I may be in pretty good shape for the PC-7. 
I cannot wait to hear your impressions as I am interested in the same cartridge. I have heard the pc1 and I loved it. I am thinking of moving from my SPU.
The PC-7 cartridge is amazing. I've had mine for a years now and wouldn't have bought anything else in the the sub $5k market. Any other impressions from anyone? P.S. I was disappointed to see Air Tight just discontinued the PC-7.
When I bought mine the dealer said the PC-7 is a loss leader for Air Tight.