Affordable pre-amp solutions??

Hello folks, I am running a Wadia 302 direct to ASL 1009 monos to Sonus Faber Guarneri. I know that running direct I am missing something, mids could be more fleshed out/greater tonal density etc but I can not afford a great pre-amp at this time so I'm wondering if there is something I can use for the short term, that won't hurt the transparency too much but adds some warmth and body.

Somthing under $1k used...some contenders:

Dodd ELP
Eastern Electric tube buffer
Manley Shrimp

Open to other suggestions...TIA.
I've been exploring this price range for a while and have been extremely happy with an AES AE-3 DJH. If you search the forums you'll find a lot of praise. The DJH is direct-coupled (no coupling caps between input and output stages). It's very dynamic with tight bass, airy highs and a sweet midrange. The standard AE-3 and the new AE-3 Mk 2 have a different circuit design. IMO, avoid them.

AES doesn't make the DJH any longer, but Upscale Audio has them in stock. You'll also find it used for $750-800.

Everyone tends to pump up their own gear, but I honestly question whether there's a better sounding preamp for under $1000. If there is, I'd love to know about it.

A good forum to check out: Eastern Electric Mini Max vs AE-3 DJH preamps
There is a Manley Shrimp for sale now for less than a grand. I found the Shrimp to be an engaging pre to listen to while my VAC was in for repair. The volume control is continuous instead of stepped which I find important. Compared to an ARC SP16, it had deeper bass, increased dynamics, and smoother through the mids. I would characterize it as a fun pre to listen to. Compared to the VAC, bass not as extended, not as resolving.
Audio Research LS-2 MKll bal or S/E only SP-9 MKll on the Gon now + more!!!!