Aesthetix Calypso - High or Low Gain Setting?

My Calypso arrived many months ago and the jumpers are set to the low gain setting (-12 db vs. -6 db). I have not played around with this jumper yet other than with the original tubes when the unit arrived. In the upper gain setting, the unit/tube noise was more audible at lower volume settings. At the time I had not yet had a chance to bring in new tubes, which I have been doing over the past couple of months.

Any Calypso owners have any comments or suggestions on the higher or lower gain settings (jumper) in terms of overall performance?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
Just found this thread!! My instructions show 0db or -12db. All my gear is boxed so I can't ck setting right now but will early next week. Aren't you using 10M's and Amperex PQ and feel the 12AX7 sockets provide the most noticeable change ? Sorry I can't recall with certainty. I also am experimenting with tubes currently using Mullard CV 4004 Box Plates and Amperex PQ white label, but have just bought; Amperex milspec 7025, National 5751( Sylvania) black plates triple mica cryoed, Amperex BB 12AX7, Rca 5751 black plates black plates Telefunken Smooth plate (w/ diamond) plus a few for the 6922 socket. I have my fun cut out for me!!!
Yes, I am using the 10Ms and sometimes the Mullard long plates as well. Typically I use the 10Ms during the week and put the long plates in on the weekends if I know there is going to be a lot of movie watching.

I run the Amperex and also sometimes Philips and Valvos in the 6922 positions. Reason for the gain question is that I bought a pair of Martin Logan Quest Zs to play around with and find that I am turning the volume up much higher to get to my regular/prefered listening levels with the MLs vs. with my Wilsons. Since I am running the zero gain (low) versus the high, thought I would ask around a bit on opinions.
I find that there is more magic with the higher gain setting but more tube noise. With good tubes this won't be a problem for most.

I use mullard cv4004s and amperex 7308s with good results.