Setting up the Linn System

I am new to this forum and have recently purchased a Linn system consisting of the unidisk SC, a chakra 2200 amp and espek speakers. My question is in regards to adding a Kenekt RCU along with a line reciever, room amp and speakers for a music in a separate room. I am comfortable with running a computer network etc. - will I be able to set up the remote system? Is it plug and play? I would much rather have my dealer do it, but after spending over 10,000 on my new system I feel the need to save where ever I can at the moment. Thanks in advance for any help.
For $10,000 your dealer should be willing to help a little.
At any rate, check here:
Davesnothere, Go back to your dealer for advise, for God sake, they owe you that. I have had Linn gear for years including an Lp12 Sondek TT since '83 and my local Ann Arbor, Mi. dealer is some of the best people around. It sounds like you have a great setup and I'm sorry I couldn't help you out. Happy listening!