Aerial 10t vs. Aerial 9's

I am considering buying a pair of used aerial 10 t's. I have not heard them, but have heard and liked the 7b and the 9. How does the 10t compare to these in terms of sound?
10t will have a bit more lower end than the 9 and the top end is a tad more extended....either speaker is a good choice. I owned 10t's for quite a while and liked them enough that after a few other speakers I bought 20t's.

I've heard the 9 quite a bit, not quite the LF extension of the 10t, you really can't go wrong either way if you like the Aerial house sound as I do.

Either speaker will show you exactly what is wrong or right in the upstream components. Both will want clean high current solid-state amps.


Paul :-)
Beemer is spot on. 10Ts can play slightly (though with real solid state, MUCH) deeper and quicker than the 9's at the same volume. Love the top end of the Aerial lines.

Probably one of the best all around speakers on the planet in the sub $4,500 - $5,000 preowned pricing...

Thamks for your responses. I think that I will get those Aerial 10t's. BTW, I have a musical fidelity a3.5 integrated amp and musical hall maverick sacd/cd player. Do you think that the a3.5 at 150 watts per channel will deliver enough current drive the aerial 10t's?
Your MF integrated will get you in the door. A good starting point. As you step up your amp, you will find better woofer control on the 10t's. I have found that both Classe and Levinson amps push my buttons with Aerials. The McIntosh 501 monos also do a nice job.

MF builds good stuff. I think you are off to a great start.
Please post again when you get the 10t's and let us know how your adventure is going.


Paul :-)
In response to the issue of amps, I have the 9's and started with one Classe CA-150 which was great. Then, I bought a used preamp on audiogon and spoke with the seller and he recommended two CA-150's to drive as monoblocks. I have two now and heartily recommend the increase in power. The entire range is improved with the mono's. I also have a preamp that is from CJ and the combo of tubes and solid state is an improvement to my tastes. Hope this helps. Steve
I recently added a Levinson 336 to my system and wow does it make my 10T's sing. They crave big power - and will reward you if you give it to them. :)

I've found that the Aerial 10T's work perfect with my Pass Labs X 250 Amplifier. You really cannot go wrong with these speakers. I have to agree with Beemer & Porchecab, how they really do a much better job, in the top end and bass area then the 9's!