Advise Needed For USB Cable 5m Long For OPPO 105

Please! help me to choose a 5m long usb cable from my pc to oppo 105 DAC. will appreciate. thanks
Check with, they have a very good selection of decent cables. Here's a link:

I'd like to second that, since I like low cost and I was a big advocate of Monoprice for a long time, but I've found that Monoprice cables seem to die on me at a pretty decent clip, equalled only by Radio Shack and Monster (admittedly have not bought Monster in a decade or so). Moreover, I had a serious difference in color between Monoprice and Audiquest HDMI cables, the former just being washed out. I hear that's not possible, ok, great, but tell that to my wife, even she could tell. Monoprice is cheap for a reason.

Since you're talking USB, I've never had a Belkin USB go bad on me, so I would use that.
Maximum recommended length: 3m with USB1 & 1.1, 5m with USB2, 3m with USB3. Repeater cables not recommended. See
Thank you for your great opinions, I have got the Transparent usb cable 20 feet long, hopefully will work well with the oppo 105 dac. thanks again.Now I have to look for a hdmi v1.4 5m long. let me help to find that. thanks again bye.