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5A Vandersteen
I bought a used pair of 5As to replace my Quatro woods, there is no question the 5As are vastly superior and they are better than the Quatron CTs as well. I’m in a 38’ long room so there is plenty of room for the waves to develop. Sad to hear they... 
Streaming music- not the end all music solution but one main advantage?
I had Powerline adapters years and years ago. Never could figure out what that weird cycling sound in the system was until I replaced them. DO NOT USE. This was with a distinctly mid-fi system, I can’t imagine what they’d to to my systems now. 
AirPlay - "Best" solution help...
Why not use an Allo Digital USBridge into that DAC? You can get rid of the iFi since you’ll be using a USB cable. I’ve got one with an Ayre Codex, Music Reference RM-9, and vintage Carlson OA-52 speakers in my secondary system and it’s superlative.  
DAC's....Ayre versus PS Audio
I had a QB-9 on loan for a month and later bought an Ayre Codex. I have the QX-5^20. It is fantastic. A lot depends on what system you have. I have a KX-5^20 and VX-5^20 plus Vandersteen 5As and the QX-5 is superior in that setup. The built-in Roo... 
Vandersteen Treo Speaker Cable Suggestions
I have Quatros and I very much enjoy Anticables. I’ve tried the audioquest sky (I think that’s what it’s called the blue one with the dialectic bias system) and couldn’t tell the difference after a month. Anticables sometimes need to be played for... 
Ayre Codex - to keep or not to keep
Mine's running like a champ too. I wish it was easy to switch between USB and Toslink, but since it's not, I just keep it on the latter and use a Toslink switch to change sources. Otherwise, it just keeps on chugging.  
What is the future for Proac Speakers ?
Johnny R suggested I fill my stands with sand to give a solid surface to stand on. Wow what I difference it made. You really have to think about how they will be placed.  
'Quietest place on Earth' anechoic chamber
I didn't go to that one, but I went to the one at Bell Labs. It was amazing and cool, but I didn't sense any of that craziness that the article talked about. Maybe it wasn't quiet enough?  
Oppo UDP - 205
Just noticed this thread, as I am getting the 205. Yes, no question that’s the better move as it leaves you lots more room to grow. Heck, for the most part, I play digital music out of a $50 raspberry pi 3 sending toslink out to an Ayre codex and ... 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
1994 Koss M-80 Plus Speakers1997 Some kind of speakers on loan from a friend. I think they were Advent Heritages2000 or so B&W 602s2009 or so B&W 603S32012 Vandersteen Quattro Wood Signature S2also starting in 2014, I bought Proac Tablette... 
Everyone is selling their Ayre QB-9 DSD's??
Ayre Codex.  
Ayre Codex
I found the codex compelling.  It is more listenable then the QB 9, even lthough it's a little less analytical. It also has an optical in, which makes it more versatile. And when another compelling around machine appears in the upgrade cycle this ... 
Tried analog yet again after decades of digital
You definitely want a better turntable. Try a Clearaudio Performance DC and get ready for a treat... 
Best DAC for pcm files
Ayre Codex, which also does up to at least 384. Just phenomenal.  
Ayre Codex
Yes. I bought one from Audio Connection in Verona, NJ and love it. A QB-9 might beat it, or it might not. There were things I liked about one over the other and vice versa. A W4S DAC2 DSDse can't hold a candle to it on high resolution files. The C...