Advice on speakers for Pioneer SXS-30

Hello. I will be receiving the Pioneer SXS-30 amp tomorrow and I have a question about which speakers I should use.
I am a beginner and will be setting up bookshelf speakers for the time being.
I have 2 Sony 50 watt speakers at 6 ohms and I also have 2 Pioneer speakers at 50 watts at 4 ohms.
Does anyone have a suggestion for what would be most suited for this amp?
I will be connecting them for movie viewing and playing the odd vinyl here and there.

Cheers and thanks in advance.
Hello. I will eventually get some decent speakers but for now which of the top two I suggested do you think would be most suited. Also advice on better ones for purchase at a later date. Listening to 70’s rock mainly.
I live in japan so the room size is fairly small. About 6 x 7 meters.

Thank you for the reply.
Yes someone else suggested these. Are they really that good for the money? I've heard many good things about them.
@iwanami  - Either of the speakers you mentioned will work. It's simply a matter of trying each and deciding which sounds better to you. 
Thanks for the replies everyone. 

Thanks for the reply.

I am now thinking I will just go and grab some new bookshelf speakers.

Something a little better than the ones I have. So hard to know what they will sound like though.

Try the speakers you already have available to you. They may meet your needs. If not, buy some new speakers. That way you have a reference to know if the new speakers were actually an upgrade over what you already had.

If you do decide to buy new speakers, check out the reviews by Zero Fidelity and Steve Guttenburg on YouTube. Both of them review several budget priced bookshelf speakers.

I'll offer one opinion, if you don't mind..... Buy speakers that are sealed enclosures, or have ports on the front (not the back), if you are limited in space and require the speaker to sit close to the wall behind them. 
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Your network amp puts out lower power so an easy to drive speaker like the Klipsch bookshelf speakers would serve you well. They are rear ported so would need to have some space between the wall for rear bass port to breath. But if your room is small and you don't listen very loud the Elacs are a good budget choice.
I'm checking out the Klipsch. Also by pure chance I have stumbled across an opportunity to grab these oberon 1 speakers by dali rather cheaply. How would these be?