Advice on New Electrical Service

Hi folks. I am in the middle of home renovations and have a great opportunity to upgrade the juice reaching my two channel system. I am having the service moved to the other side of the house where it will feed a new 200amp panel. There is a transformer on the pole outside my window. I already have a 15amp dedicate line to a four way (quad) outlet behind my entertainment center, which holds my TV, DVD-VCR and all my audio equipment. Here is what I am thinking/planning on doing. I'd really appreciate comments to help me approach this a thoroughly as possible...

My town has it's own electrical power generating system and I know one of the guys who works for the public works department. I'm thinking of asking him to check and test the transformer to make sure it is appropriate size and is operating properly. I will also ask that the new service feed be copper rather than aluminum wire.

At the panel I am going to install an Environmental Potentials 2050 to deal with noise, surges and lightning damage. I am then going to have the electrician create a new 20 amp circuit to a duplex outlet for my amp and preamp. This will be run off the first tap. The existing 15 amp direct line will be upgraded to a 20amp circuit for the quad and will run off the second tap. I will connect the TV and all other components to this line. The two separate dedicated lines will be wired "in phase" so as not to produce noise. I will have the electrician install three new Porter Ports for the quad and new single outlet.

I am also considering getting an Environmental Potentials 2450 to plug all the components into behind the entertainment center but this seems like overkill. If I did this I would merely upgrade the current 15amp dedicated line to a 20amp and install the Porter Ports. (Since the additional outlets would not be necessary).

This is the best plan I have been able to generate given my limited technical expertise in this area. I'd really appreciate hearing if I am on the right track, thinking about the right things, haven't missed anything or gotten it wrong before I order the equipment and talk to the people who are going to be doing the work.

Thanks for the help.
Sounds like you're on the right track with the dedicated lines. I don't know that aluminum wire is still in use. It's not where I live. I'm not sure you need much else. So many conditioners restrict dynamics, etc. I would definitely recommend using Wattgate ac plugs on your dedicated outlets.
The service lateral drop from the transformer to your house I am sure is aluminum. I doubt if the power company will install anything but aluminum. The wire feeding the transformer is also aluminum. Just make sure the electrician uses copper for the service drop thru the meter socket and to the new electrical panel. What brand and type of electrical panel is the electrician installing? If he has not installed it as yet, I recommend a Square D QO. Not the Square D home line panel.
As for your dedicated circuits install at least one more, three. The extra cost will be next to nothing. As for the Porter Ports receptacles they are a very good Hubbell HBL 8300H Hosp grade outlet and well worth the $36.00 each. You can always upgrade to higher $$$$ outlets later if you like.
I agree with muzcal about adding the third dedicated line. I have three deicated lines for my system with one of the lines just for the amps. In my case the one line for the amps helped a great deal ( I'm running 2 Bryston 7B SST 600watt mono blocks).
Right ideas but upgrade further. 30 amp circuits and 10 guage copper tech wire. You will hear the difference with a high end system-breathes better.
Thanks everyone. Jea48--what is the difference between the two types of panels? He already has the new one mounted on the wall--I'll go over tomorrow and check to see what type he has put in. Please keep the comments coming.
The 'Home Line' service panel is Square D's basic starter model - used in smaller homes & apartments. You can afford better...

what is the difference between the two types of panels?

info for the QO:$file/qoloadcentersFrameset.htm

The HomeLine has aluminum buss bars.
It looks like the panel that the electrician has mounted and partially installed is made by "Murray". Not sure if anyone can speak to the quality compared with the Square D QO. Should I have him pull the one he mounted and replace? Advice?
Just to get back to everyone with thanks. The electrical work is done and I was able to get some of what I asked for during the process.

I really couldn't get the town to perform tests on the transformer that sits on the pole outside my house. I have to assume that it is working properly. I also could not get copper lines run from the pole to the house. I was told they are simply too heavy (and currently too expensive) to make a long run like mine with copper. I had more success inside the house, where I had some control over the work that was done. I had the electrician swap out the aluminum buss bars in my Murray panel with specially ordered copper ones. I also bought and had the electrician install an Environmental Potentials surge arrestor and noise reducer. (I forget the model's particular name, I think it is the "Home Protection Devise"). I then had him run a dedicated twenty amp line from the panel to behind the entertainment center. He didn't go off the first tap as I asked because he had already loaded a few circuits in the box. He used 12 gauge wire for this line. I also had him replace the three existing outlets with the Porter Ports I had purchased earlier.

All in all I'm pretty pleased and looking forward to how the new feeds will affect the sound. Now if the builder would just finish and get out so I can set my system up!

Thanks again for all the help.
Hi Dogealum, I know it is very old thread, but my electrician also insisting on Murray Panel with Copper Bus ( QO sq d is very hard to find for outdoor 40 circuits).
What would your advise on that ?
Hey Diwakarv, I just did my panel & used a Murray. There's no difference.Just go all out. Use thermo mag. breakers, clean ground bar & cyro treated romex w/cyro treated outlets. AMB Dan
Take a look at the Cutler Hammer "CH" panel. It is very similar to the Square D "QO" style panel and is readily available for Single Phase Residential use.
That panel will work. Is it available, is the price the same as the Murry? Did you compare the price of the breakers? I went w/100amp subpanel, it came with all the breakers 12(thermo-mag.) for under $100.00. All copper. I'm using 1-20amp for my Furman & 2-15amp 1 each for each amp.Keep us informed on how things go.
Thanks Guys, I will go with Murray. It is very hard to find QO with 40 circuits/outdoor. I am planning to go with regular Romex 10AWG and Oyaide R1 Cryo outlet.I am still debating whether to go for Environmental Potential EP 2050 & Ep 2750, too expensive ( $700 + $250). Is there alternative to that or cheaper place to buy them ?
D., I have the Oyaide R1, WARNING... Look for something else. When I unplug my amps, the face comes off with it.
D., I have the Oyaide R1, WARNING... Look for something else. When I unplug my amps, the face comes off with it.
D., I have the Oyaide R1, WARNING... Look for something else. When I unplug my amps, the face comes off with it.
Check out my system thread and another thread or two where I've talked about the EP units; they are WELL worth the money. Best $750 and $179 I've put into my system ever. Also on those threads I give details on my main and sub-panel; briefly, I've got a Cutler-Hammer 200amp main panel with copper busbars (EP 2050 installed there) and a GE (w/copper bars) interior sub-panel (EP 2750 units installed there). I had them pull straight (non-cryo) 10-guage Romex (it sound surprised me...length of run prohibited anything more expensive in the $10-$30/foot realm).

Outlets: I've used a lot of different ones over the years and about a year ago finally found something I like better than cryo'ed Oyaide R1s; Avatar Acoustics AFTERBURNER8 outlets are the best I've used/heard by far. Check them out.....sound, no exotic plating metallurgy with rock-solid design and sonics....

Questions,...let me know on this thread or in-mail on Audiogon.
Hi Zephyr24069,

Is your CH panel outdoor panel with mains ?
Can you please let me know the model that you have ?
Also where did you buy EP's from ?

ZEPHYR, I'm also planning on installing the EP units in my new home. I just had a couple dedicated circuits installed and the difference is just amazing. Can't wait to see what the EPs add.
Brownsfan: I think you'll be very surprised and happy with the result (I obviously am)!.

Diwakarv: I'll have to look up the model numbers of my CH/Eaton panel and GE panel when I get home off the road for work. They are both interior installs in my garage; see my system page for pictures.

I picked up the EP units from VHAudio. Here is the link to the EP2050, you'll have to ask about the 2750 units...;
Sorry...weird posting result after copy-paste; the link above looks bad but it does work correctly. The EP2750 unit and EP2050 occupy the same ad-line; click on the dropdown list for details....
Acoustic Frontiers sell the Environmental Protection products.
I believe they are in San Francisco.
I bought the EP-2050 and the EP-2775 and some Digiplugs.
The 2050 I installed at the top of incoming power.
AF has very quick service and I believe a bit cheaper than EV.
Thanks guys for the reply. I will check out Acoustic Frontiers as they are not far away from me.