Advent Speaker Repair?

Can anyone offer advice on whether Advent is still in business, and whether repairs to classic Advent speakers are available anywhere? Thanks.
Not in business. Bought and sold several times. I have older pair of Legacy's that I had refoamed for approximately $50.00 at Simply Speakers out of Florida. DO a web search for them. Also came across an outfit called Layne Audio that has numerous replacement parts and offers repairs. Good luck.
Advent is long gone. I do not know of any "Official" repair shops but you can do a web search for businesses that offer repairs to the drivers (foam surround, etc.) The foam kits are readily available along with people who will do it for you. Be careful though, some of this replacement stuff changes the sound somewhat.
Might try, "Just Speakers." Also, check on Ebay. I just picked up a pair of 8" woofers for a small pair of the Advent II's. I bought a set of what were reported to be "Equivalent to the original" woofers from Just Speakers for my "New Advent" speakers. Sound and look the same.
Tweeters are readily available on Ebay.
See if Bill can help you out very fair and reasonable.

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