Advent parts, where?

I have Large Advents that I have replaced parts on in the past but it has been so long ago I can't remember where I ordered them. Does anyone have a lead on where I can order parts.
What parts need replacing?
What are you looking for? Woofers, tweeeters or X-over parts. I have a hi-fi repair shop with some Advent parts available.
Try the Classic Speaker Pages . They list 2 places for parts and repairs.

Regards, Rich
I am looking for a woofer but might as well pick up two at this time. I replaced them 12 years ago through Jenson as recommended by someone. The surrounds are rotted and I don't have the expertise to repair them myself if that is even an option. Thanks to all for any advise. in Florida - they re-foamed my Advent 5002 woofers back in the mid 90's, good job at a fair price. They also have the replacement tweeters.
If you want authentic Advent parts, try eBay. Just make sure you look very carefully at the photos, ask the seller all the right questions, and buy from sellers with very high percentage feedback ratings - and look for sellers who are into hifi, rather than sellers who are just flipping things they found at a flea market or in someone's closet. In some cases it might make sense to buy an entire speaker to salvage the parts, but one way or another there should be plenty of parts for most Advent speakers. I'd avoid refoamed and re-surrounded woofers if possible; look for authentic, original, excellent condition parts and ask the seller if they are the original owner or if they know the item's ownership history - and if the item has always been stored in a normal (temperature and humidity controlled) environment, etc.

This hobby takes work, but it can be done :)

Good luck.