add remote control AC on/off for power amp?

I am moving from tube to solid state amp and want to be able to remotely turn on and off the amp with the rest of my system. I assume there are remote AC on/off devices out there? Which are suited for a 100 or 200 watt/channel amp and will not limit current?

My preamp may have a switched outlet but I thought that would not be best for them to share a power cord.

thanks for any thoughts.
Leave it on all the time. It will sound better unless you are getting a Class A amp.

Even if it is class A, leaving it on is best if you can afford the electric bill.

How about a "Clapper"?
Just kidding. Do you have a 12v trigger on the amp, you don't mention what Brand or Model. If anything in your system does look at the PS audio product line. A lot of
power conditioner/power strips have this feature.
I concur,leave it on,except during storms of course.
I concur,leave it on,except during storms of course.

Let me add unplug it during storms.
I made the exception for Class A in memory of the time a Krell customer relations official told me that "If you leave our amps on without playing them you void the warranty". I was a Krell dealer at the time and one of my KMA 100s had just blown up for the second time. I had let it warm up for about 15 minutes before giving a demo. We parted company soon after and I don't think either of us has ever missed the other.