Adcom Amps modified by Stan Warren

Hi, has anyone had there Adcom Amps modified by Stan Warren. Or anything modified by Stan Warren.
I ran a post on this two weeks ago asking about a Stan CD Player. There was a big discussion on the Adcom amps that began in my thread. Search threads using "Warren". I believe there is also another thread on this. The comments were all highly possitive.
I`ve know Stan Warren for about twenty years, just about every thing he has done has worked great, a real honest guy ,he will not bull shit you at all.I`ve owned his pre-amp and amp for many years,he does a geat job on C.Ds players too. we`ve done some speaker projects in the past, and have had alot of fun doing it.Your Adcom will sound better than you ever thought possible, you would have to buy a much more expencive amp to keep up. he`s a great person to deal with. Greg