Sony 9000ES: DanWright or StanWarren Mod

I want to get my 9000ES modified, I want to know what is your opinions : Dan Wright or Stan Warren?
I had Dan Wright modify my 333es and the results are stunning. I can't speak to the effect of Satn Warren's mod other to say from what I hear his work is well respected. I would recommend speaking with both Dan and Stan about their mods, price and turnaround time and see which is the best fit for you. Be sure to check out the info at
Have fun
I took a peek at the mods that Dan Wright is doing and they look terrific. I know a few people that have gone that route and are extremely pleased. Jena Labs raves about the work he does. I am not familiar with Stan's mods but I hear he, too, does very good work.

Another person you may want to check with is Richard Kern at
Does this third party work void the 3 year warranty?
Dweller: You bet! Always a consideration when doing mods, as well as a possible resale value effect.
Any work done by a non-authorized repair center will likely void the warranty. Ask before you have the work done if it's a concern.

I would think the mods would enhance resale value provided you can prove who did the work. Price being similar, I know I would rather buy a used 9000ES with one of the above mods over a stock 9000ES.
I bought a used Perpetual Technologies set-up with the Dan Wright mods and power supply -- it sounds great and does not void the warranty since the company approves Dan Wright mods. Then, I sent him a Pioneer DV-525 and the blacks are blacker and the sound is richer -- very nice work. Plus, he's very easy to deal with.

Don't know about the 9000ES, but Macm's advice and Chelillingworth's sound right. Hope that helps. Sorry I have no Stan Warren experience. I know Dan's really busy right now and asks that you e-mail rather than call, so the timing may also be a consideration.
Thx Guys.
Any mod done on a Sony voids the warrantee period!The PA1 and PA3 have authorized Dan Wright for the mods.Sony and other companies have not.Big difference.I have heard nothing about good things about all the gentlemen mentioned above.
Hi: Stan Warren modified my 9000 about half year ago. Improvment over the stock was spectacular, price $250.
I bought a Pioneer 525 full mods from Mr. Wright out of Audiogon @ 6mos ago (Blackgates, gold RCA's, damping,IEC, etc.). Very happy. I use it only for HT, but bass, articulation of voice etc. on audio is quite good. Its pampered w/ Electaglide Ref PC & IC (both very dynamic for HT), Harmonic component cable. It does not feel out of place.
As an Electrical Engineer myself, I can attest to Stan Warren's abilities. He is the only, and I mean only modifier, that is offering a custom designed ,proprietary output stage, that is world class by any standard, in the audio world today.

There are many things you can do to modify these players, different caps, jacks, wires, power supplies. But the single largest improvement in sound quality comes from stripping out the stock output devices, and replacing them with much better performing gain stages.

To my knowledge, all other modifiers are just swapping the output devices with better IC's, or other types of "drop in" replacement gain stages. This is not nearly as heroic, as actually giving you an entirely new esoteric circuit, that has world class slew rates, settling times and symetrical electrical behavior.

If Stan Warren charged nore for his services, I feel that many more audiophiles would take him more seriously. He is that good!
>all other modifiers are just swapping the output devices
>with better IC's, or other types of "drop in" replacement
>gain stages. This is not nearly as heroic, as actually
>giving you an entirely new esoteric circuit, that has world
>class slew rates, settling times and symetrical electrical

To be fair, many of the ICs used as replacements can be said to offer world class slew rates etc. And the modifiers in some cases may also bias the devices' output stages into Class A to further improve performance.

Is there anywhere to go to read more about the general circuit design approach used by Stan Warren? I'm sure you would agree that "esoteric" doesn't necessarily mean "better."

Certainly, though, his work seems to have received unanimously excellent reviews. And I agree, his services appear to offer an excellent value.

Rpell: In case of 9000es (as well as ohter pieces he upgraded for me: MSB Link, Stax headphones, Adcome amp) Stan Warren esoteric design means better (or much better )SOUND. regards. Simon
Simon: I'm sure Stan Warren's modifications are an improvement over the sound of the stock units--as are the less-extensive modifications offered by other modifiers. I would be interested in hearing more about any comparisons between the various modifications available.
Clarification: I should have stated: " Stan Warren's output stage offers unparralled sonic and electrical performance, as compared to ANY "drop in" replacement, that is available to the other modifiers. This makes his gain stage very esoteric indeed."

As a former Sales Enginner, who has represented a high performance IC's manufacturer, with 1200 different types of IC's, this is my qualified opinion.

Stan came up with his circuit design based on sonic comparisons of various circuit implementations, and compared them to these "drop in" replacement devices.

Stan has not always implemented his proprietary circuitry.
In his modifing past, he also used and implemented the best of the best "drop in" gain stages. This qualifies him to understand all of the variations, and their inherent sonic performance charactaristics, along with their limitations.

I have personaly told Stan to charge MORE for his services. I feel that many people overlook him, because they perceive him as a budget guy's modifier. In reality, he is nothing less than world class.
Is there anywhere online where I can find some specifications or details about his modifications? Thanks.
Ehider: I told Stan the same that he should charge more. Everytime I ask him to do something form me I feel terribly uncofortable. However, for Stan it is matter of principle. He is not only high professional but wonderful human being, as I am sure you well aware off. Simon
Rpell: call him and ask - thats it, that simple. you want to know more about Stan Warren? Firstly, he is "S" in PS Audio who in this phase of his life prefer to work from home (He is single father). If you want to know more then do search with key guest it:"Stan Warren"
I also own the 9000es modded by Stan Warren and I am really impressed with the sound. As a matter of fact, I got rid of my expensive processor because the analog part of the 9000es as improved by Stan sounded better. the liveliness of music presented by the modded 9000es is unsurpassed.
Anyone did a comparison between the stock 777ES and 9000ES Stan Warren Mod? Thx.
BigBoy: I did see my post somewhere above and Stan Warren 9000es outperformed 777
Simon, Thx...Bigboy.