stan warren,PIONEER mod.

just got my pioneer dv503 5disc dvd/cd player.stan implemented a class A output stage and change some parts,i must admit that the sonic improvment is incredible,i've had
player's costing $2000 and more that can't hold a candle to this unit.the bass has great slam,the mid's and treble are so hat is off to stan.great upgrade for very little money.COST,player $250 + upgrade $262.
i must mention that the above comment's is reffering to CD playback.this unit is being used in my bedroom system which is stricly a 2 ch system.vandersteen ic's,roksan caspian intergrated amp and analysis plus wiring.the pioneer 503 replaces the sony ca9es multi-disc player.
In your opinion, what expensive players did the Warren Pioneer best?
Hi: Sneech.... Stan Warren modifies my DVD/SACD Player Sony 9000es excellently. Before that MSB link, Stax electrastatic headphones, Adcom amp and I don't remember what else. I know he modded also Wadia 850 but is was not mine so I should not comment on quality. Simon
I've heard Stan Warren's modification of the Pioneer DVD changer. It sounds great. The only set up I've heard that sounds better is a Stan Warren modified Pioneer 525 DVD player with a Stan Warren modified Mbl Linc DAC III. With the Mbl, there seemed to be a richer sounding midrange that I preferred.
THE cal cl-10 and sony xa7es.
I have a Pioneer 525 DVd player that was modified by Stan Warren. It sounds great. Very musical and dynamic. I would recommend his mods anyday!
good news Fonsy! I've seen the posts here praising his work on the 333 and 525 and was going to give Mr Warren a call to see if he could tweak this model too. What was the turnaround time?
turn time was 4 week's.
I sent a check on 3/13 and still have not recieved my mod DVD 333. There were/are some supply problems on the Black Gate caps, I think. I hope to get it soon.
I recieved a modified DV-434 today, (7-9-01.) While there was a 4 month wait, I look forward to breaking it in.
Charlie: Do you still use the Tos Link with the modified player or does it have a coaxial output? I have avoided trying the inexpensive Aiwa changer, mainly because I know little/nothing of Tos Link connections.
I do not plan on using a toslink with the Supermods DVD player, as it will be used in a second system as a stand alone player.

The toslink connection has been suggested as a way to reduce jitter, primarily to a dac. I have used three different toslink connectors with my DAC1 and the stock Pioneer DV-525 I use in my primary system. I now use the one that both Stan Warren and the old boys at the Cable Company suggest, (the Audio One Reference toslink at $150.) The differences were subtle to my ears, with the Audio One winning the techno art esthetic battle and remaining in place.

Did I ever mention how much I like my Harbeth C7ES speakers? [:)]

Thanks Charlie: That's more than I wanted to invest in a $90 changer that will probably break down in a year. I will just tell Chloe that we need the exercise in between CD's. Oh, and they are Harbeth's you say. The name sounds very stately.
I just got my stan warren mod pioneer dvd player (DVC603) and I have a question. I also own a musical fidelity A3 cd player (same dac) and I have been testing the players side by side (different interconnects though), the level on the musical fidelity is quite a bit higher than the Pioneer at the same volume. I have to crank my amp (Arcam FMJ A22) to get any sound out of the pioneer. I have switched interconnects around and I still don't get any more volume out the pioneer. I am using Stan's interconnects that I paid extra for when I got the mod.

Added 1 day later: I called Stan and he explained it it to me. It is does not sound as loud at the same volume because he removed the Op Amp from the signal path, which boosted the level on the player. He replaced the op amp with a single ended triode I think.
How does one contact Stan Warren?
Stan's number is (541) 344-3696, best to call between 1 and 6 PST.