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Version 5.0 released:) 
Small Monitors and Book shelves for Rock Music?
check out the Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1...damn great little speaker...can be upgraded to the Sierra 2... that has a new woofer and Raal ribbon... i do own the Sierra 1 and love it....with all the rock and fusion that i play...this is a speaker you ... 
Decware - any substance here?
I own the Decware CSP2 and the Decware Taboo, I use this to drive my hornshoppe horns, I have owned a lot of gear over the years, but I have to say the Decware gear has been some of the best sounding amps I 've ever owned, dead quite, no noise wha... 
Amarra or upgrade my Wavelength Brick
Boys the new Pure Music 1.2 sounds even better than the first version I have. I may bite the bullet and get the Brick done up to the V 3 , I was told it was a step up from the V 2, plus you can add the power supply and its better still, come on IR... 
Cardas Clear usb
Deskducker, thanks for the info, so you feel its worth the money over the Kimber, is it a small difference or was it easy for you to hear ? thanks for all you guys for your info. Greg 
Speakers for 55 watts of EL-34 tube power ?
Decware Tori MKII with a pair of silverlines Preludes MKII, I use to have a pair of ET LFT VIIIb`s but sometimes I wanted to play it a little loud and just couldn`t get there. But this combo sounds very good, very dynamic , and can get loud when I... 
Amarra or upgrade my Wavelength Brick
the new Pure Music demo sounds much better to me than the Ammarra demo, I `ll get the Pure Music for 79.00 and skip the Amarra for 295.00, I do the Dac later. I like what I hear from Pure Music. 
American made USB DAC's
I second the Wavelenght dac, I have a Brick also and its great, Gordan is a great guy and make the best dacs IMHO. He has a new dac out or soon to be out that cost 900.00 and does 24/96. Greg 
What amp are with ET LFTVIII 8B
thanks for the reply, what amps are you using 
10 questions about computer audio
great reading for everyone. Greg 
First Steps into Computer Audio
you can also look at the USB Dac from Blue Circle called the Thingee, sound very good for 160.00. Greg 
Just moved and have a smaller audio room 10.5 x 15
Also take a look at the Eminent technology LFT-8b and the LFT-16 with a Rel sub. I have the LFT-8b, I like this speaker much better than the Maggies 1.6`s I had, will sound great in that room. I have mine in a 20 L x 12.5 w x 8 H room. 
Download and "ripping" questions with a Mac.
Sammie, thats the problem, I didn`t have it in cdparanoia checked, I`ll try it later today and see how it works thanks Greg 
Download and "ripping" questions with a Mac.
Sammie, I tried the Max, it does seem to sound better, but I can`t get it to install track names or artist and no album art, I use the AIFF , in itunes I can get track names and album art, but I can with Max?Greg 
Download and "ripping" questions with a Mac.
Sammie, I have heard this before and I use the itunes ripper, how do you setup and use MAX, can I still use the itune interface to play my music?, thanks for any help.Greg