ADC XLM Mk2 question

Hi all, I've been enjoying a recent find, an ADC XLM Mk.2 phono cartridge. I have a question, the needle says K8, however I saw on a website that was offering a replacement stylus for the XLM Mk. 2 for $144, is the K8 a designation for a cheaper replacement stylus?
Check here: for a better price. I'd recommend giving a call or email to ensure compatibility.
The ADC XLM MKII Improved is one of the best among several mid-low priced MM cartridges I have owned:
Clearaudio Aurum Classic Wood
Grado Prestige Gold
Audio Technica AT125LC
Shure M97xE

I also bought a new ADC cartridge from LP Gear and it is a real bargain. Some other places list the stylus alone at over $150.

I wonder how other owners regard this ADC cartridge.
Dear M16707: No it is not for a cheaper one. The Johnnyb53 advise ( LP Gear ) is a good one only take care ( asking to LP Gear before ) that the replacement will be an original one because LP Gear has original ( few ) and mostly not original replacement, I know that because for some things its my source.

Ihcho, I own some ADC cartridges but not this MK2 but the MK3 ois a lovely performer.

Regards and enjoy the music.
The K8 was ADC's cheapest cartridge circa 1976-77. K8 is the replacement stylus, which fits all ADC cartridges. The K8 was my very first cartridge. (I still have it somewhere) The K8 stylus will fit all ADC cartridges manufactured to about 1983. It is a conical stylus with a recommend tracking force of 2grams. You have a nice cartridge, just the wrong stylus.
Dear Norman: Thank you for your learning post, very interesting for the people that likes MM cartridges and information about.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear M16707: Maybe this could be interesting for you:

Regards and enjoy the music.