ADC SSX IV Cartridge... Any Info Out There?

Hello all,  I just snagged the Cartridge mentioned.  I sold ADC back in the late 70's, but I don't remember this model.  I picked it up on ebay for less the $20.  The cartridge has a label on top that says "Laser", the stylus is an SSX IV, the ebay ad said it was from an estate sale, just found it in a drawer and was slightly corroded. Well,  I got it, It didn't look too bad, the diamond and stylus looked Perfect,  almost unused.  I sprayed it out thoroughly with deoxit. Cleaned it up thoroughly,  waited a day and measured the coils,  both are good and a dead match.  Cartridge cleaned up looks great.
I'm quite aware that ADC made a whole bunch of high compliance cartridges for low mass arms,  but they did do a few with lower compliance. 
Does anyone remember this thing?  Any feedback is very much appreciated. I have 3 tables at the moment,  but don't listen to vinyl like I used to and will most likely only keep one....
I also have 2 Audio Technica AT 440ML OCC, 1 brand new,   a Shure M75 brand new, a Stanton 681eee, a Grado old GF3 and way back when, we used to modify Grado's at Marcof and I have my buddy sending me one of those,  they modded out much better than the standard Grados of the day. Right now, I only listen to my AT440.
I will probably mount and sell a couple of these with the 2 tables that I sell.  I'm very familiar with all of these except this ADC. 
Thanks for your help, Tim

Dear @timlub: I can't remember any ADC low compliance cartridge, but could exist.

In this links you could find more info about:

both seems the same and are high compliance.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks Raul,
    Yes,  I've seen those,  scoured the internet, haven't found much.  I'm hoping somebody out there might remember.... The Laser Sticker on top will most likely catch someone's memory.
Well, there is one for sale on Ebay right now,  it says that it is a MKIII body.  I went looking again and found that it is similar to an XSMIII....
So many ADC cartridges and so little info. 
Thanks again Raul for your response.