Classe' CAP-151,are there reliability issues?

I have noticed a few Classe'CAP-151 around at quite reasonable prices. This integrated has not only received some fairly decent reviews, but seems to be an amp people like and hang onto for awhile. My problem is most of inquiries I have made to potential sellers comes with a history of having been repaired,in most cases back at Classe'. Is this just coincidence or are these amps prone to repair? The Cap-151 was built in Canada (I am Canadian) prior to moving thier operations off shore to China. They still have a repair depot, including all parts except faceplates and chassis,back in Montreal and thier out of warranty shop rate is $90 a hour. Again, there are some good deals out there,however if the amp keeps landing back at Classe',then I had best look elsewhere. Please note that I am just inquiring and not trying to bash Classe' since I know they are well built and a favorite amongst many audiophiles. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
I recall having a minor issue when it was first new, sent it back via dealer to Canada and did not have any other issues. Had it for about 12 years, just replaced it with an Ayre AX7e integrated a few months ago.
I had a Classe preamp that had to go back to Canada 2x for warranty. I bought it new and the unit was not that old when I had problems with it. Classe makes some good sounding products, but nothing that you can't get from another brand. I would just pick something else.
I had the cap 150 that went back to Classe twice for cold solder connections. Both times were covered under warranty. I also had a Classe 10 amp which I used for 10 years with zero problems and currently I have a 17 year old Classe 15 amp which is used daily in my office system, again with no issues.
I bought a used ssp 25 pre amp and had issues with the sound cutting out when I would switch settings or inputs. I'd have to disconnect the power cord from the wall, wait 15 seconds and then plug it back in, in order to get it to work again. Don't ask me how I figured out how to temporarily fix the problem, because I really don't know what made me think to do that. I eventually replaced the powercord (which I don't think was the original) and also got an external dac, which inadvertantly allowed me to not switch inputs on the pre-amp as much and I haven't had any problems since. I also have a ca-150 which I haven't had one issue with. I do like the sound of this combo and will probably buy another ca-150 so that I can run them bridged. By the way, I spent $350 on the ssp 25 and $800 on the ca-150. Don't know how this set up compares to the cap 151 soundwise but it does offer a bit more flexibility but more clutter too in addition to the extra cost of an extra interconnect and power cord, if your a tweaker.
personally, I have had more trouble with "highend" gear in general compared to Walmart electronics ... my kids under $30 DVD players run and run and run while 2 of my "highend" pieces have needed repair. (neither piece was Classe by the way)
I suppose it's like owning a ferrari vs. a honda :-)
I have this integrated, bought it used, and it needed repair done in the first 5 months of owning it. Something about a bridge connector or some such that failed. Classe replaced the part for free, I just had to pay the repair tech to replace and install the new part.

If you're thinking about it, and it's in your budget, just grab one. It's got a pleasant sound. It's not in my main system anymore, but I keep mine. It's a great piece, with a pretty easy to love sound, and even with the single repair, it was worth it.
I've owned my CAP-151 for a decade. I bought it used (from Audiogon ad). It is wonderful and has never given me any trouble at all. I've never had any service done to it and it still looks and sounds great.
I have a CAP-100 I got here on Agon and it has never given me any problems. I also have a CA-200 I bought brand new back in 1997 that has only been sent once to Classe and that was my fault. They fixed it N/C thru my dealer. The older models built in Canada I think are bulletproof. Don't know about the newer ones tho.