Is there an end.......ever?

Well I am nearing the point where I am happy with the sound of my system, and starting to funnel my funds into software. I have a modest CD collection and with all of the music out there that I want I don't think I will be happy with my software for a very long time(if ever!). So the question is: are any of you out there happy with the size of your music collection that is to say not buying much if any?

For the record I have 1000+ cd's and could easily make that 5 fold, if I had the money burning a hole in my pocket that bad :) and I am sure I would have missed many "must haves" it is a curse!! Any thoughts please share.
Thanks to the Internet I am buying MORE music now than in the resent years. With my computer I am able to audition a wide range of styles, which has expanded my musical horizon.
I am always looking for something new as far as unigue artists or rare finds of old artist goes. I love my collection of CD's , LPs and SACD's. I spend a great deal of my time now recording mixes of things I like because it is now hard for me to listen to just one artist 's 12-15 songs in a row on one CD.
I am always looking for something new as far as unigue artists or rare finds of old artist goes. I love my collection of CD's , LPs and SACD's. I spend a great deal of my time now recording mixes of things I like because it is now hard for me to listen to just one artist 's 12-15 songs in a row on one CD.
Tim, A short time ago there were a couple of posts asking which you would rather give up....the hardware or the software. Most responded that the music was what was important. That about sums it up. My music library is a reflection of "who" I am, my hardware is a reflection of "what" I am. I get the biggest charge out of my 20 year old daughter's interest in my music. When she suggests I listen to some of her music I can bank on it being something I will enjoy. We NEVER would have connected through the hardware. Keep buying the music. You will never regret it.
Happy listening,

After ballpark 1300 CDs, I'm in the same spot too... Too much great music and too little time, but I still keep finding other must haves!

Somehow, I doubt it will change if we're both past a thousand already...

Oh well, eh?

No.....there is never an end to the joy that fresh, new, music can bring. as much as i enjoy my system and it's performance i get the most satisfation from connecting with a new artist....when that happens i will search out other recordings by that artist and explore what that brings.

i also enjoy comparing formats and different masterings so i have many titles in numerous versions and formats.

so far that process has resulted in 3200 cds, 2800 lps, and 245 sacds......growing pace has diminished somewhat since the new music being produced recently is mostly junk.

recently i have "connected" with "Norah Jones" and the band "Nickle Creek". these cds are excellent.....but i may buy 5 or 6 cds to "find" one that i really connect with.

when you think about it......the possibility of finding another "Eva Cassidy" or "Patricia Barber" (or Heifetz) tomorrow is one of the most exciting aspects of our hobby.
I started in 1964 with the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, I'm still enjoying the journey and the end is not in sight.

I too have recently 'connected' (great word) with just those two CDs. If fact, I just bought plane and concert tickets to see Nickel Creek in September. I wish I could find music like that a little more often...I go to the music stores once every couple of weeks, but I rarely find recordings like those.

I remember when I went and discovered Norah Jones...I listened to the whole CD, bobbin' head and all. I remember thinking, 'All this for $9 BUCKS!?!?' I think we will be hearing from her for a very, very long time, or at least I hope so.

I certainly don't a large music collection yet, as it took me a while to learn to make a copy of the original source, and listen to CD-Rs. Ruined a lot of disks that way. But, I certainly do love going to the record shop in the anticipation of finding that CD that brightens you whole day/week/month.

Good Hunting!
Tim; some good posts above. I also have 1000 + CDs-- and growing. For me at least, as Mike says, there is no end because looking for and finding new artists/music is certainly one of the most enjoyable and exciting aspects of this hobby. Then there IS the time factor as Jacob mentions. I once calculated how long it would take to listen to 1000 CDs with an average of 40 minutes per CD, and well, it's a LOT. Happy hunting. Craig
I am at that point in my main system. Any changes would require a major change/upgrade in every component to make any difference worth while. Not worth the time or expense for the forseeable future. Just playing with tweeks or cables from time to time.
Thanks for all of the coments so far. I would have to concur that Norah Jones is a GREAT new artist, I saw her CD and it was $6.99 and I thought "gee she looks hot" and bought it, little did I know she was incredibly talented as well.
Wow, people are actually finding out about Nickel Creek...COOL!
Saw them in No.Hampton MA about a month or so ago. AWESOME!
If the spot where you see them is small enough (The Calvin Theatre was a little big, but they did it anyway) they will unplug and walk to the front of the stage.
It was a very strange thing, to have the ENTIRE theatre go silent, while hearing the instruments do exactly what they are supposed to. First time I have ever heard music of that caliber with no amps or speakers. The memory is making those goosebumps rise as I am typing
If you like Nickel Creek, I encourage you to check out Chris Thile's solo stuff. AWESOME! Sean Watkins solo, "Let it Fall" is pretty good too.
But, I would have to say the icing on the cake, was Eddie From Ohio, the opening act. These guys were FANTASTIC! (Better performers than Nickel Creek in my not so humble op.) They even have their own website. CD's are very very well done. It is like someone who had a simple minimalist style went into a good studio and kept out all of the crap. I strongly suggest these CD's.

Oh yeah, we were talking about music, now weren't we?

With all of the rap crap hip-hop my 18 year old listens to, there is Alan Parsons, Fresh Aire 1-5, Jeff Waynes "war of the worlds", Stan Rogers, Steve Miller...hell, even Kraftwerk in her collection! You are right to say that music connects generations. I second that motion :>)
Having a college student come home for a weekend insisting on making CD recordings of your old original Tuff Gong 1/2 inch thick Jamaican give the girls on her floor something else to play besides "Legend"..well, its a good feeling!
(Being met by a classmate of hers on move-out day recently and being introduced by her room-mate as the "guy with the radio station in his living room I told you about" was kind of strange though.....)

I have been able to buy better music than ever before thanks to my cable modem and mp3 sharing online.
When used as they were designed, mp3's have a place. I think of them as "tapes".....I burn a CD of some samples from the net then listen in the car. If I like it, I buy it.
I welcome the net's impact on music. Never before have so many talented artists out there had a way to get to the public.
Log in to Audiogalaxy and look at the front page. Listen to a few tunes by a featured artist. I surely would never have found Danny Barnes any other way. Yet he is a "punk-rock bluegrass-country cross" that would most likely never have been considered by a record company. You want something that was done with a couple of good mikes and will make a country/bluegrass/folk nut get goosebumps in front of your system? Danny Barnes. Live as it gets.
I have also loaded some pretty serious live performances. (All legal) When done at 320, live shows can be very nice. The best live Dead I have comes from the net. Better than anything live they have ever put out on vinyl pies......

I don't think it will ever be enough. I have begun to sell some of the stuff I never play anymore. In a recent sort, I almost parted with my Learning to Crawl album by the Pretenders, then played it. What a good way to discover what is in your own collection...
Tim, try to manage your music and keep only valuable ones. Sell the ones you haven't listen or not listening anymore.
Among 1000 CDs I'm sure you'll find such that you won't need anymore if you come and think logically on that issue.
I roll-over every month arround 50...100 CDs and records that I'm not about to listen for a long time or already through with these.
There shouldn't be an end!
As long as people are making new music, I doubt I'll be done buying it. Although I have found that buying more than three CD's in one trip to the music store usually results in my ignoring or not completely digesting some of the music I've bought.

I bought Chris Thiel's CD probably 4 months ago (before I ever heard of Nickel Creek actually), and it still gets a LOT of airplay on my commute.

Good tip regarding Sean Watkins...I just went out and bought it. If you have any other jazzgrass suggestions, I am all ears. Along these same lines, Bela Fleck has a great record called 'Tales From An Acoustic Planet'. Really similar to Chris Thiel's stuff.

The concert we are going to is at a small venue, although I am not quite sure how small. I do know it's mostly used for theatre, and we are in the Orchestra section, so hopefully they will unplug.

I have a tip for you if you are interested (seems as though we may have similar taste in music...) Check out Jack Williams. Southern Singer/Songwriter. Masterfully blends a lot of styles into something truley unique.
If you have realplayer, you can check him out...I highly suggest him.

Sorry to bounce a bit off track here. (I will re-align the heads before I am done!)
Thanks for the tip on Jack Williams, I plan on checking that out.

Chris Thile has a bunch of stuff on Audiogalaxy. He sat in on sessions with Eddie From Ohio and they are kind of like the Dead, allowing everyone to record everything.
Log in and find a tune called "When Mandolins Dream".
It might be a take off a commercial album, but I dont think so. This tune is an example of what can done by an individual with a couple of Mics!

I sure would like to start an album of the week thing here...Kind of like a list where for Folk you have one, Rock, you have one Reggae, you have one....etc. (But for Opera, they go to thier own site. Same as Rap and Hip Hop. hehe)

Happy listening!

That's a great idea. How shall we start?

???????? I guess I will try it and then get told that there is already a thread.....