Active vs. regular speaker cable non active

My retailer is recommending I replace my Synergistic Research TESLA Quad Speaker Cable with the Synergistic Research Galileo Basik Activ SE speaker cable. They believe the Galileo Basik Activ SE is a significantly better performing, actively shielded, version of the Synergistic Research Basik (non active, requires no power source).

The Synergistic Research Galileo Basik Activ SE speaker cable requires a power source and includes some tuning capabilities as part of the cable. The Synergistic Research Galileo Basik Activ SE cable is $600 more expensive than the Synergistic Research Basik (for my length).

I am concerned about speaker cables that require a power source and would prefer not to spend the extra funds. I hope to get more information at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach.

Any comments or suggestions?
If your dealer is recommending the Synergistic Galileo Basik Activ SE he should let you try it long enough to make a decission. I think the recommended break-in period would be a reasonable trial period. Possibly 200-500 hours?
This is just my opinion so take it FWIW-I personally consider making cables tunable as a basic flaw. I've read some material from a particular manuf for the case for making speaker cables tunable but I do not buy into it at all. I've also a friend buy into that theory & purchase their cables only to realize that the tunability is their weakest point & that it makes the overall sonics un-real/un-natural. Once he discovered this, he sold off those cables (don't know what he uses now?).
Like I wrote: to each his own; I personally would not touch a tunable cable with a 10' pole......