Is there any difference between a phono cable and a regular interconnector?

Hi guys I have an old vintage turntable and the rca from the cable is broken. I tried to replace with a new kimber cable with wbt rca, I got a very strong hum sound coming from the turntable. I placed the older cable back and I just used KLE silver rca again I got a very strong hum. The original cable with the turntable connected to the circuitboard of the turntable. I wonder if you guys know if the rca and the cables for the turntable signal are different than regular interconnectors?

Note: I am using a Denon DL-103r, the table has internal seperate grounding but does not help by changing the rca plugs.
No difference which cable you use. The hum is probably due to the broken ground connection.
Normally you would want to use cables very thin to void skin effect around 26awg.
Almost all "phono" cables are shielded.  If you used the Kimber Kable PBJ or any other of their twisted-like cable, they are not shielded.

As mentioned above, you would need to connect the ground wire somewhere.
Although shielded cables can eliminate hum/noise, not all turntables need shielded.  In My experience, shielded cable always sounds more "closed in" than does non shileded.
Connect a earth wire. If you have some video cables try those as they are shielded. Remember you need shielded cables from your TT because the signal from the cartridge is so small that many things can affect the sound. It also depends how close the TT is to things like speakers and TVs.
Phono cables **might** differ from regular cables in two ways. First, they are usually shielded. Second, they usually are low capacitance.
Dear  sfeizif215: I used for several years the KK KCAG ( unshielded. ) as a phono cable with extraordinary results.

Now, you have to check internally the TT ground conection and if broken you just change it.
In the other side your KK phono cables  must be away from transformers that comes in electronic audio items and has to stay away from electrical power cables and does not run parallel to this kind of power cables.
If you can try that the tonearm stay grounded too.
If hum persist then change the KK position. You can check ( live. ) in what position ( between TT and phono syage ) that hum goes down and fix it there. Sometimes we have to change the TT position because of that hum.

Btw, which kind/model of TT are you using? sometimes it's through the cartridge that that hum comes because it pick up from the TT motor that can comes with bad shielding.

Regards and enjoy the music,

Thank you all for the information you've given me.

To answer all you folks, I am using a sony ps-x60. My preamp is an audiolab 800c, which was popular in the 90's for having very good phono for both mm and mc. for some extra information the internal tonearm and headshell wiring of the x60 is litz wiring. I tried to buy litz wiring for the cable.

Since I started this thread, I realized the cables for the phono signal has to be low capacity and highly sheilded. I called (canadian website) and purchased 1877 phono which is designed for turntables, even the rca's are designed for turntables as well. By my luck, I purchased a copper version which was on sale for half price! After purchasing online they called me back and told me this item has been sold, because the purchase has been processed, they told me "we are offering you the silver version" and I ended up getting a 649 dollar cable for only 190! I was never so lucky in my life. I just thought I would spread the word for a little bit because of their extremely good customer service, well, I digress.

As I recieved the item, I connected the item to my turntable, the hum is gone, and i got superior results from the sonic presentation and i know the cable hasn't broken in yet. I don't even know what I was missing on these thirty years of mine without vinyl, for three hundred dollars for the turntable and a little upgrading, the sound is much superior to my marantz sacd player. And now I know why you guys stand behind analog.

Thank you guys