Acoustic Zen vs Nordost vs Wireworld

Would like to know opinions of AZ silver reference compared with Nordost spm and WW gold eclipseIII interconnects. Also does anyone have any experience with the Hologram speaker cable?
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I have not tried the Wireworld cables, but in my sytem to me the Acoustic Zen Silver Ref sounds better than Quattro Fil. More detail, greater sense of realistic soundspace, and above all more musically involving. I suppose it could be to much detail if you have a bright system, but then so is SPM or Quattro Fil.

I have also extensivly compared Hologram speaker cable to Satori and Nordost SPM as well as prior ownership of many other top brands. I think the Hologram cable is better than Satori and worth the extra money, imagine it as a supercharged Satori, that's what it sounds like in my system. The Zen speaker cables don't have the same effect that the Silver Ref interconnect do in the highs, I think they would mate very well with most any system, they have a very even handed sound not emphasizing any frequencies.I know a good dealer for Acoustic Zen if you don't already have one.